Welcome to the Diet and Nutrition Blogs. Diet and nutrition have a large impact on the health of the body. Determining the best foods to eat is not as simple as it sounds – not everyone can eat the same types of foods or amounts and obtain the same results. Diet and nutrition can be customized to meet the health needs of the individual, helping improve mental and physical performance, as well as maintaining an ideal weight. Nutrition is an area of medical care that still is changing and evolving. What is considered “healthy eating” is subjective and constantly changing. Understanding the nutritional values of different foods and how they impact health continues to be explored. Reducing health issues caused by malnutrition has evolved to understanding how nutrition can help optimize health. More physicians are recognizing the impact that diet and nutrition can have on preventing, controlling and treating diseases. Keep up with what is new in the field of diet and nutrition. View our diet and nutrition blogs for more information on protecting your health.