Top 5 Myths about Travel Nurses Jobs

You might hear some myths about travel nursing and have doubts about taking it as a profession. You should know the truth before making any decision.

Travel nursed jobs can give you a chance to enhance your career skills and an opportunity for a better future with extra earnings and travel. However, are you worried about those misconceptions and hesitant to start a travel nursing job? Voysta is here to assure you that those myths are just myths. Here is the list of some myths where we’ve explained the real fact behind them. So, keep reading!

The Truth behind Travel Nurses Job Myths

1. You have to change locations every thirteen weeks.

You don’t have to move if you wish to stay at your desired location and extend your assignments, with the agreement of your hospital. There are options. Many assignments can be renewed if you wish, or you can move to another place, the choices are yours.

2. Several assignments should not be included on a CV.

Too many assignments mean so much experience and the key to success, more assignments can make you a more successful candidate. Hospitals are looking for not just travel nurses, but you can be their permanent staff because of your experience. We all know that experienced RNs can handle any problem on any shift. As a travel nurse with several assignments on your resume, you can get job opportunities in many prestigious facilities like university medical centers, magnet hospitals, and many others.

3. Travel nursing is only for new nurses.

Travel nursing can give you more opportunities to start as a new nurse, visit new hospitals, familiarize yourself with rules and regulations, and learn new things, providing you with the opportunity to choose alternative workplaces, etc.

But if you are an experienced RN and want to start traveling nursing, it would be a very good idea to change. Many experienced nurses started working as travel nurses before their retirement and are enjoying the amazing facilities of being travel nurses. They may start after their kids have grown up and if they want to travel while working.

4. Travel nurses jobs do not have stable earnings.

Travel nurses jobs only provide you with the opportunity to work and earn an income and a tax-free stipend. If you are a registered nurse and cannot find your dream job right now, you can definitely choose travel nursing as a profession. If you wish, travel nursing agencies can provide you with assignments to those places which can provide you with high earnings and low-cost living. As a travel nurse, you will have more options. These facilities may not be available for regular staff.

5. Permanent stuff doesn’t behave well.

Now, that’s not possible because travel nurses are hired to help permanent nurses in necessary times of staff shortages. How come they do not show gratitude towards them? Many people told us how sad they are when a valuable temporary nurse leaves their hospital and how much they miss them. As a health worker, you cannot find any distinction between a regular staff member’s first day and a traveling nurse’s first day at a workplace. The more you are willing to help others, the more reciprocal gestures you will see. Besides that, if you face any trouble, ask your agency to find a better solution for you. They are committed to helping you.

Wrapping Up – Time to contact a travel nursing agency!

Our Voysta team has tried to break several myths and solved some of your queries. However, there are many queries left still unanswered that may be giving you headaches. No worries! Contact a travel nursing agency named Voysta at any time. Our team is available on call and also by email at

In a nutshell, travel nurses have the option to select the care facility, city, specialty, shift timings, duration, etc. Get in touch with reputed travel nursing agencies like Voysta. Sign up for the platform so that you will get access to many potential travel nursing assignments. 

Instead of relying upon the myths like the ones stated above, make sure to explore a travel nurse career so that you can enjoy perks like travel experience, more pay, treating more patients, and professional upgradation.