Everything About Dental Crown

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word crown? Royal families have a tradition to be crowned, right? It is an ornate expensive piece of precious metal that is articulated on the head of the most important person in the country. Traditionally, the crown indicates rule. The heir to the throne is declared by a crown ceremony. And only royal families can dream of wearing a crown made of expensive metal. Well, that’s not the complete truth. Any person can have a crown. And more specifically speaking dental crowns. 

If you are searching for a dentist in the North Quincy area and need dental treatment, Spring dental clinic is the place to be. This clinic is located in Quincy that offers dental care with commitment, including dental crowns. 

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is an artificial dental prosthesis, that fits on top of your tooth just like a crown fits over the head. That same crown doesn’t need to fit on all heads; similarly, each dental crown is custom-made for a tooth. Your dentist in the North Quincy area shall recommend a dental crown fabricated for your tooth whenever you need to provide some extra protection or strength to your tooth.

When do you need a Dental Crown?

Opt for a dental crown whenever you have fractured or chipped off a part of your tooth. You may need a crown when you need to correct the shape or shade of your tooth for a better esthetic outcome. Dental crowns are mandatory after undergoing a root canal treatment. Dental crowns are also fabricated as a part of full-mouth rehabilitation procedures for the correction of collapsed bites or vertical loss of dimension. You need to get a crown fabricated on your dental implants as an alternative for missing teeth. Dentists in the North Quincy area may also suggest dental crowns and bridges when you have multiple teeth missing from your mouth and want them replaced without wearing dentures or getting dental implants. 

Which are the various Dental Crowns?

Your dentist in the North Quincy area shall offer a variety of options for dental crowns. Traditionally dental crowns were made from gold or gold alloy. However, modern dentistry offers much more resilient material options such as cast metal alloys, porcelain dental crowns, zirconium dental crowns, and lithium-disilicate dental crowns. All these crowns are fabricated using CAD-CAM (computer-assisted design and computer-assisted milling) technique using a special machine in a dental lab by subtractive engineering. So, make sure that you are aware of the options, and that your dentist in the North Quincy area uses the latest technique for dental crown fabrication.

How is a Dental Crown made?

Once you visit Spring Dental in Quincy, the dental care team shall allot an hour-long dental appointment for you. During this procedure, they shall prepare (shape) the crown of your tooth (part of the tooth which is seen in the mouth) using special diamond bur instruments, so that the tooth will be reduced by 1-2 mm in size from all sides. Once the shaping is done, a digital impression is taken. This digital file is used to create a positive replica of your teeth and the way you bite on your teeth. These models are then used by the CAD-CAM machine to prepare the custom-made dental crown using the material of your choice. The process of making a dental crown occurs in a dental lab for over a week. You will be recalled at Spring Dental in Quincy for dental care including the cementation of your dental crown when it is ready. The cementation is done using special dental cement, which will hold the crown on your tooth, making it strong enough to bite and chew over it.

What care is to be taken after getting a Dental Crown?

If you are visiting Spring Dental clinic in Quincy, our dental care team shall provide you with a list of instructions after your dental crown is cemented into place. You need to avoid spitting and gargling for some time and avoid using the crown for chewing for a couple of days. Also, if it feels awkward or high, you might need to come back for occlusal or bite adjustment. If your crown ever pops out, you can bring it back and get it recemented into place. You also need to get all your dental crowns and bridges checked by your Spring Dental clinic dentist in the North Quincy area once every 6 months.