Welcome to the Massage Therapy Blogs. Massage therapy has been recognized as an effective treatment option for a wide variety of health issues. While most people enjoy the relaxation and sensation provided by a massage, there has been evidence that there is more to massage therapy than pampering. The therapeutic benefits can help with muscle recovery, injury healing, chronic pain relief, lowering blood pressure and much more. Many medical practitioners recommend massage therapy to their patients as a treatment modality for better wellness, as well as to combat pain, mobility issues and other health concerns. Massage therapists may specialize in specific forms of massage. Massage therapy can include deep tissue massage, sports massage, trigger point massage, shiatsu massage and other techniques. Massage therapists may also practice reflexology and alternative medicine therapies that can offer health benefits that work synergistically with massage. Massage therapy can be an enjoyable treatment that offers many health advantages. Learn more by reading our massage therapy blogs.