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77% of Americans take supplements, which is the highest rate of all time. In the vast majority of cases, there are no complications. However, it can be easy to start popping pills without fully researching how safe they are. In particular, those looking to build muscle might take growth hormones such as ipamorelin, without fully understanding which products are safe and effective and which are not. When you want to gain strength quickly, this is understandable, but it doesn’t take much effort to make sure you are taking safe supplements.

Check Scientific Studies For Growth Rates

There are plenty of resources online, so do a little digging into growth hormones. recommends only buying from US licensed supplement suppliers. You should also search Google for peer-reviewed scientific studies on supplements such as ipamorelin. This way, you can see what the scientific consensus is and know that the information can be trusted. With such a supplement, the upper limit of muscle growth is between 4 and 7lbs in three months. If anything is advertising above this, then see if there is any literature to back this up.

Buy From A Trusted Supplier

Talking of trust, consider the retailer carefully. There are around 3 million reports of online fraud each year and anyone can fall for a fake site. Be sure to seek out a legitimate and reliable supplier, then stick to this. That way, you know that the growth hormones you receive comply with regulations and actually contain what is claimed.

Get Professional Advice

If you have any concerns about a supplement at all, then talk to a health professional. Tell them that you have heard of a growth hormone such as Somatostatin and that you want to get their opinion on it. They will be able to recommend taking it or not, as well as warn you about any potential side effects. Your GP is one expert, but you should also raise the topics of supplements with your personal trainer, who will have the first-hand experience.

Record The Effects

Once you have read the evidence of growth rates, checked the legitimacy of the retailer, and consulted a professional, you are ready to take the supplement. At this point, there shouldn’t be any problems. However, you should still note down any physical changes that occur. Measure your muscle growth to see if it is actually working, and also record any negative side effects. You will then easily be able to weigh up the benefits against the costs and see if you should continue taking your chosen supplement.

Taking growth hormones can be a safe addition to any workout. However, you should always exercise caution. Don’t take anything unless you know exactly what it does and it has been confirmed safe by the evidence of experts.

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