How to Get Yourself to Drink More Water and Why It’s Important

How to Get Yourself to Drink More Water and Why It's Important | HealthSoul

Water water everywhere, so let’s all have a drink!” Water is perhaps the most vital resource on this planet and it’s something your body can’t live without for 7 days. There really is no such thing as too much water because the body needs water for a lot of reasons. Increasing your water intake benefits you greatly.

Understandably, getting yourself to drink a lot of water is not easy. According to medical experts, men should take at least 3.7 liters of water per day and women should have at least 2.7 liters in the same period. This may sound easy but by the first liter or so, you’ll feel very full. How can you encourage yourself to drink more water?

Tips to Drink More Water

One of the toughest things to do when drinking a ton of water per day is keeping track of how much you’ve drunk already. One of the ways you can monitor your water intake is by drinking from one container only. Ideally, you’d want to buy a container that can hold all of your daily water intake.

Once you’ve secured yourself a good container, it’s all a matter of spreading out the intake evenly throughout the day. Give or take, you have at least 15 hours to finish all of that water but that doesn’t mean you should finish it all in one sitting. The key to finishing it is putting a schedule on yourself.

Try to spread your sips to 15 hours per day. Doing this will actually make finishing 3.7 or 2.7 liters of water more manageable. A lot of people feel so overwhelmed about drinking this much water because they try to finish it in one sitting. That’s not advisable as you’ll feel very bloated after.

Another problem people have when drinking water is that it’s very plain and boring. Let’s face it, it’s much easier to drink a liter of juice than it is to finish a liter of regular water. The good news is that there are many workarounds to this problem without you having to pack on the extra pounds caused by sugar.

You should try getting yourself a Cirkul bottle. This can add a fresh new taste to your flavored water. If it’s off your budget, you can save a little extra on this Cirkul coupon code for a 15% cut on the price tag. Using Circle on your water can make it into something that’s “far from plain.” Lastly, your body will naturally despise the idea of drinking water if it’s completely hydrated. Put in a good workout at least one hour a day so that your body gets rid of the excess fluid. This will help you take in more water and help you drink more as well.

Putting on a sweat to drink more water might seem counterproductive but it’s actually a good plan. You can sweat off all of the toxins in your body and then have it replaced with more fluids. It will help you feel healthier and fresher for the rest of the day. Ideally, you should do your workout at the start of the day.

All this talk about finishing liters of water might make you feel tired but your efforts won’t be put to waste. Here’s why it’s important to drink as much water as we’ve said.

Benefits of High Water Intake

There are many benefits to high water intake but the most important is that it helps your body get rid of the toxins within. Not only can you flush out the toxins through sweat and urine, but it can also aid in your digestion as well. This alone comes with many upsides such as better skin condition, and many others.

Water can also help normalize your blood pressure and regulate your heartbeat. Water basically serves as the body’s natural cooling system. As such, drinking as much as you can, can aid in regulating your body’s temperature which helps blood flow at a proper rate.

Drinking a lot of water makes you healthy in general. From protecting your organs to ridding your body of bacteria, you can’t really go wrong with drinking liters of water per day.

Challenging as it may be, your body will eventually adapt to drinking copious amounts of water if you keep at it. The 3.7 or 2.7 liters you drink per day may seem challenging now. However, it will be less and less of a burden in the future so keep at it. Hopefully, our tips help you out.