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Are you working in medicine but remain a travel bug at heart? Why not combine work and passion and pursue a medical career in another country? While you can find an opportunity to work in medicine virtually anywhere in the world, medical professionals are especially needed in areas of the globe with traditionally limited healthcare. Not only can you experience another culture, but you can also give back to communities in need and make a difference. Below are the top professions for those interested in the exciting life of travel and medicine:

1. First Things First, Consider a School with International Students

A medical school for international students can help prepare doctors to work not only in the U.S. but abroad. Being able to meet and collaborate with students of various backgrounds can help medical students develop an appreciation for cultural differences and deepen their empathy. Additionally, studying in an international environment will expand the knowledge of the multitude of different medicines worldwide, as well as varying health practices and beliefs. 

2. A Travel Nurse 

If your profession is in nursing, becoming a travel nurse may be the perfect fit. There is always a nursing shortage around the globe, guaranteeing an opportunity for any time of the year. Furthermore, nurses can choose the length of their assignment, from a few months to even a few years. Even better, nurses can expect to earn more than they do working as a nurse in their home country, with added financial support for the costs that come with traveling and living abroad. 

3. Locum Tenens Physician

If you are a practicing physician, you may be interested in locum tenens. When regular physicians go on extended leaves or when hospitals need more physicians, you can fill in for them for the amount of time required by the facility. There are plenty of advantages to taking on this role, including a much more flexible schedule, experience in a variety of medical environments, high financial compensation, and plenty of travel opportunities.

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4. Medical Device Sales Representatives

Just like hospitals always need nurses and doctors, they also always need medical devices. If your expertise is more in the sales department, the position of a medical device sales representative will be the perfect opportunity. Healthcare companies hire these representatives to travel both regionally and globally to sell devices and interact with healthcare staff. Perhaps the most significant benefit with this career is the potentially high earnings from sales commissions, making this one of the more lucrative medical travel positions.

5. Travel Therapist

Physical therapist? Occupational therapist? Speech-language pathologist? Then consider a job in travel therapy. Hospitals all around the world are in demand for travel therapists, with assignments typically lasting from 13 to 26 weeks. You can rotate to various locations, all while enjoying financial benefits and the knowledge that you are helping bring therapeutic aid around the globe.

6. Healthcare Consultant

If you are in consulting and think there isn’t a possibility of applying that to medicinal travel, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn about international healthcare consulting. Hospitals need to continuously keep track of revenues, reduce costs, and maintain substantial patient care outcomes. They need someone with a strong business management background and the ability to critically analyze a hospital’s performance. This job is perfect for individuals who love to face new challenges and provide valuable feedback to organizations.

7. Mental Health Specialists

Medical professions in travel do not need to be purely focused on physical health; in fact, many countries require mental health specialists. If you are a clinical psychologist or a licensed clinical social worker, there are plenty of chances for you to make a positive difference in developing countries. The tasks you may find yourself doing include providing patient consultations, providing short-term or long-term therapy for patients with trauma history, and training mental health service staff. Many countries around the world require individuals who want to create a safe and welcoming environment where they may not have one. 

These are just some of the incredible possibilities for those working in the medical profession with wanderlust. Choosing a profession in this arena is sure to lead to a new world of exciting and fulfilling experiences and memories.

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