Dental Implant Costs and Why They’re Worth the Money

Dental Implant Costs and Why They're Worth the Money | HealthSoul

Dental implants are made from titanium alloy. Titanium is preferred because it’s lightweight and studies reveal that it can fuse well with bones. Dental implants are the perfect tooth replacement options. However, as we all know, nothing good comes cheap. You’ve probably heard of the costs of an implant, whether from a doctor or online. The cost of an implant ranges from $2,000 to $4,000 per tooth. Dental implants may be expensive but do you know that they’re worth every penny?

Dental implants have major advantages over all the other tooth-replacement methods. You can find doctors and hospitals near you and book an appointment for dental implants easily.

Let’s see why the dental implant costs are worth your money.

Dental implants are lifetime solutions

Do you want to fix your dental problems once and for all? Well, getting dental implants is a great solution and you can head to for more information. The implants are long-lasting, unlike some cheaper options where you have to go for a change after some time. With dental implants, you don’t need to replace them anytime soon. After an implant, all you need to do is take good care of your teeth.

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They have a high success rate

Dental implants have a remarkable success rate which makes them highly predictable. The possibility of a positive outcome is approximately 98%. This success rate means that there’s almost no chance of the treatment not going as expected. Considering you won’t be returning to the doctor anytime soon after a successful implant, you’ll not regret spending your money.

The costs of dental implants depend on what’s being done. Find out more about dental implant costs and how you can make dental implants more affordable for you.

They prevent bone loss

Eventually, after a tooth is pulled out, the jawbone shrinks because of the depletion of bone mass. This leads to a sagging face because there’s no stimulation of bone growth. With dental implants, this is not the case as both the tooth and the root are replaced. The titanium fuses with the bones and stimulates their growth and development just like normal teeth.

Dental implants are stable

Are you afraid that your dentures will fall? Worry no more because dental implants never fall. Dental implants are permanently fixed to the jawbone and they stick just like normal teeth. Implants are also great for eating and chewing and they won’t limit the foods to eat. Dentures can sometimes fall off when you bite or chew something hard. This cannot happen with dental implants.

They are comfortable

Dental implants are comfortable like normal teeth. Most tooth replacement options are not as comforting as implants. The design, looks, and feel of dental implants are the same as normal teeth. If you’ve had braces or dentures before, you’ve probably experienced some discomfort managing them. No other solution provides comfort like dental implants.

They are convenient

Implants are convenient because they’re easy to take care of and manage. You don’t need a special cleaning routine for them. You don’t need to take them off to clean after every meal like dentures. There’s no need for special products to clean them. It’s an easy process as all you need to do is brush and floss daily.

Enable clear speech

Missing a tooth or having dentures impacts how you pronounce some words. This often leads to having low self-esteem and confidence. Dental implants will improve your self-confidence because, as we said before, they’re stable. They blend in with teeth and they function well. You won’t have to be embarrassed anymore, you can talk and laugh confidently.

Implants won’t get a cavity

Accumulation of food and bacteria in the gaps causes gum diseases. Artificial options are not so safe because they can accumulate food and bacteria and usually need special cleaning. Dental implants don’t store bacteria and all you need to do is brush your teeth daily to clean the gums surrounding the teeth.

They have no impact on adjacent teeth

Dental implants enable your teeth to grow normally by preventing them from occupying the gaps left behind. With other options, teeth alignment in the mouth is impacted, compromising your chewing ability and your appearance. Implants stand on their own and they don’t need the teeth adjacent to the gap to be altered to create room to be placed.

There you have it! With these benefits, you can make up your mind and book an appointment with your dentist for a dental implant. Be sure to choose an experienced professional. You can learn more about dental-implant-surgery and gain more insights.