Best Weed Strains for Epilepsy

Best Weed Strains for Epilepsy | HealthSoul

When it comes to the treatment of epilepsy, one of the possible treatments that have been rapidly gaining popularity is marijuana.

The benefits of cannabis as a treatment for epilepsy as well as other neurological conditions is a widely debated topic around the world. However, numerous studies have shown that marijuana does offer some medicinal effects, especially for the treatment of seizures and epilepsy.

In fact, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a CBD-based epilepsy medication back in June 2018 and more ongoing research is being conducted to further explore the benefits of marijuana as a treatment for epilepsy.

With that said, in this article, we’ll explore some of the best weed strains that can help alleviate the symptoms of epilepsy and even other medical conditions. You can find a full list of popular strains here.

  • Charlotte’s Web

Named after a girl who suffered from a unique kind of epilepsy, Charlotte’s Web is a hybrid weed strain that’s predominantly composed of Sativa – a cannabis strain that’s effective in treating seizures.

Charlotte’s Web has an appearance similar to a web and is composed mostly of CBD with around 0.3% of THC. As such, it’s an effective treatment for epileptic patients without the “high” feeling normally associated with marijuana use.

This strain was specially modified by Colorado growers to provide more effects over the body rather than the brain. They did so by increasing the CBD content while greatly reducing the THC levels present in the strain.

  • Sour Diesel

Another Sativa strain, the Sour Diesel is a highly potent weed strain due to its higher levels of THC – around 20 to 24%, a level that helps boost energy levels and offers stress and pain relief.

Because of its higher levels of THC, it can induce euphoria in users, therefore, stimulating feelings of happiness and even creativity. It’s an effective treatment for various types of pain as well as seizures, migraines, sleep disorders, and other medical conditions.

  • Cannatonic

Due to its higher levels of CBD (around 6 to 17%) and lower levels of THC (5 to 6%), Cannatonic offers a less hazy and more focus-inducing effect while relaxing the body. It has a unique chemical composition as it’s more for medicinal use, rather than recreational.

As such, it can be an effective treatment for epilepsy since its effects can help manage seizures, muscle spasms, headaches, and even chronic pain. Moreover, because it doesn’t induce much of a “high” and even increases one’s focus, this strain can be used at any time of the day.

  • Green Crack

This balanced hybrid strain can help those who use it experience more focus at work and increased energy levels, boosting productivity, and improving their mood. It’s available in two forms: a Sativa type and a 75% Indica strain.

Although it contains higher levels of THC than most – around 15 to 20%, it can be an effective treatment for patients with epilepsy due to the healing and uplifting effects it offers. Moreover, while it makes you feel more energetic, it doesn’t make you skittish like with medication.

  • Blue Dream Strain

As a predominantly Sativa hybrid, it has higher levels of THC (around 20 to 21%) but due to its combination with the Indica strain, it offers relaxing effects over the body while still providing you with the euphoric feeling common to Sativa strains.

The Blue Dream Strain offers longer periods of pain suppression and relaxation but without the drowsiness common with epilepsy medication. It can also help alleviate not just pain but also mood disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, and more.

  • White Widow

Although this strain originates from the Netherlands, it is composed of mostly South Indian Indica (60%) with the rest consisting of South American Sativa (40%). It has a higher level of THC (around 20 to 25%) which can actually offer more potent health benefits to its users.

The White Widow strain has gained popularity due to both its medicinal and recreational benefits. Due to its relaxing effects, while providing you with the mental clarity needed to carry out your tasks, it’s an effective treatment for various conditions such as chronic pain, stress, and even epileptic episodes.

  • Grape Ape

The Grape Ape strain gains its name due to its unique aroma which is reminiscent of berries and candies. As it is predominantly composed of the Indica strain, it offers more calming and relaxing effects over the body. As such, it is favored by those who want to indulge in relaxation activities such as meditation and yoga.

Due to its relaxing effects, the Grape Ape strain can be an effective treatment for an extensive range of medical conditions such as mood disorders like depression, anxiety, and stress. It can also be an effective treatment for epileptic seizures to its highly relaxing effects over the body.

Final Thoughts

Although more studies have yet to support the use of marijuana as a treatment for epilepsy, the research we do have now have found predominantly positive results with its effects.

However, before you purchase any of these strains, it’s best to consult with a physician first. This is because everyone reacts to these strains differently and depending on your seizures’ and epilepsy’s severity, your dosage may be different.

Nevertheless, with the promising results from these studies as well as the approval of a CBD-based medication by the FDA, more and more people are seeing the positive effects of marijuana as a treatment for epilepsy and other medical conditions.