5 Preventative Health Measures to Complete Annually

5 Preventative Health Measures to Complete Annually | HealthSoul

Every year, health concerns and injuries become more widespread. Whether it is cancer or COVID-19, it is important to be aware of the health issues that are sweeping the nation. Although you may not be able to actively prevent every illness that comes your way, you can take steps to identify concerns before they develop into a larger issue. If you are looking to minimize the health concerns that you face, there are five preventative health measures that you can complete annually to ensure your health and wellness.

1. Annual Physical

Only half of the insured adults across the country are aware that they should get an annual physical. Of the 50% of insured adults that know the importance of an annual physical, only a small percentage actually prioritize their annual check-in. Physicals are important to ensure that unwanted developments are not building in your body. Your physical examination tests many areas of your body, including abdominals, heart, lungs, and neurological functions. Testing these body parts regularly allows your doctor to discover any potential red flags.

2. Women: Mammograms

Mammograms help women identify any unwanted tumors or diseases developing in sensitive areas. By getting these tests completed annually, you can catch a disease in the earliest stages. After the age of 21, an annual mammogram is a preventative health measure that all women should endure. Since one in eight women will get breast cancer, mammograms are vital to health.

3. Men: Colonoscopies

With an increased percentage of men that develop colon cancer, having annual colonoscopies is a preventative health measure that is recommended for all men over the age of 55. Since 1 in 25 men get colon cancer, it is important that all preventative steps are taken to identify cancer before it spreads.

4. Standard Blood Counts

For both men and women, it is important to get a standard blood count completed annually. Getting annual blood labs can identify many components of your overall health. These labs help determine if you are enduring:

● Anemia

● Imbalanced Electrolytes

● Problematic Kidney Function

Liver Failure

● Imbalanced Overall Cell Value

● Deficits of Essential Nutrients

● Negative Thyroid Markers

All of these measurements can fluctuate quickly. By getting an annual blood count completed, you can rule out any potential illnesses.

5. Dietician Evaluation

When you complete your annual physical, your doctor will evaluate you based on your height and weight. Although these numbers are important, they don’t tell the whole story. What you are putting into your body matters. When you work with a dietician, they can tell you important nutrition considerations based on your age and condition. What amount of protein do you need daily? Do you need to be on a lower carbohydrate meal plan? The balance of macronutrients that you need can shift every year. By meeting annually with a dietician, you can make sure that you are successfully feeding and exercising your body to accomplish your goals.


When you are able to discover health problems quickly, you can take the necessary steps to prevent further damage from occurring. In some situations, you need to seek advanced medical treatment. In addition, some illnesses require legal counsel. Bergman Legal helps fight for individuals that are suffering from mesothelioma. When you take the proper preventative health

measures, you can ensure health and wellness for years in the future. Although some things happen unexpectedly, you play an important role in maintaining the overall health of your body.