6 Most Common Causes Of Back Pain – What You Can Do About It

6 Most Common Causes Of Back Pain - What You Can Do About It| HealthSoul

You may find yourself adjusting your position on the chair quite often or stretching in random places to get rid of the back pain. However, it never seems to go away and even accompanies you when you’re asleep. Whether you have already been to the doctor or are taking OTC painkillers, here is a handy guide that identifies the six most common causes of back pain and the ways you can counter them.

Carrying out daily activities can be tiring if you are riddled with back pain. It can show up on its own or be a symptom of another medical condition. Around 60 to 80% of adults will experience this type of pain at least once in their life. Here are the six most common causes of back pain.

1. Stress

The key role of your spine is to maintain your body’s upright position. The stress on the spine is increased by bad posture and extra weight. Your back muscles will have to work twice as hard to keep up, which can lead to aching and discomfort.

2. Osteoporosis

A condition that leads to a rapid decrease in bone mass density. It causes the bones to be brittle and mainly targets the wrists, hip, and spine. The weaker bones cannot function well and are more prone to fractures.

3. Pulled Tendons and Muscles

If you have been lifting heavy objects lately, sleeping on an uneven bed, or glued to a chair for more than a few hours a day, the chances are that your back is sore. Back pain that results from soreness causes spasms and tightness. Some spasms may result in serious spine injury.

4. Spine Discs Moving Out of Place

If you have experienced a hernia or injuries lately, it may have led to your discs moving out of their fixed places. These are what separate the spine vertebrae, made of tissue. It can be highly uncomfortable and painful. The chances of discs sliding out increase with age.

5. Inflammation

Your body’s immune system going haywire can cause inflammation. Even though it only causes mild pain, the discomfort can affect daily life. If not treated promptly, inflammation can lead to chronic soreness in your spine and back.

6. Arthritis

Arthritis is regarded as chronic inflammation. It is not limited to your back and can spread to different joints in the body. Swelling and stiffness often accompany the pain. It is so common that about 1 in 4 US adults suffer from arthritis pain.

Ways to Tackle Back Pain

Fortunately, back pain does not have to last forever. It can be treated easily by visiting a doctor or making a few changes in your daily routine. Here are a few tips and techniques that can be valuable in tackling back pain.


Daily stress can contribute to back pain, and it is vital to set aside a few minutes daily to focus on yourself. Try experimenting with meditation, tai chi, and relaxation strategies. It will loosen the muscles and direct your attention away from the pain.

Try Out Physical Therapy

Investing in the solution to your back pain is no less important than investing in your lifestyle. A strong correlation has been found between Human Health and posture. A chiropractor ensures that your body is working at its best, and if not, they will make spinal adjustments to rid you of back pain.

Fix Your Diet

A healthy diet plays a considerable part in countering back pain, especially if you’re overweight. Maintain a healthy intake of calories and stay away from highly inflammatory foods. These include refined sugars, processed foods, and trans fats. If you are unsure, visit your local doctor and nutritionist to chart a diet plan.

Changes in Lifestyle

If you have been struggling with chronic pain and are in your late 20s, you must start treating your body right. Make sure to exercise daily for an adequate time and target the back muscles. Change out your old mattress with memory foam or, better yet, an orthopedic bed and place a cushion before seating yourself on a chair. The little improvements can bring about a significant difference if you have been suffering from back pain.

Should You Visit a Doctor?

Making minor modifications in your lifestyle for back pain may require some time before their effects can be felt and observed. Typically, you should wait about two weeks before visiting a doctor. You can visit earlier if back pain dictates whether you will be able or partake in daily activities.

Back pain is no less than a disease. It riddles your body, temporarily makes it useless, and the aching and discomfort can cause you to lose focus. Learning more about the type of your back pain and the tips listed above can allow you to treat and tackle it effectively.