4 Tips to Calm Down When Feeling Stressed

4 Tips to Calm Down When Feeling Stressed| HealthSoul

Stress hits us in various ways, and not every stressful situation leads to bad results. Sometimes, stressful situations bring the best out of individuals. It mostly becomes a challenge if you keep finding yourself in stressful situations and have no strategy to unplug and calm yourself. The body isn’t a machine, and neither is the brain supposed to work on the same thing for a long time.

It’s important to devise ways of managing stress before it gives you over to depression. Here are four tips to calm down when feeling sad.

1. Take a Power Nap

Many people resort to caffeine to help them power on and do more work, even when the body is showing clear signs of tiredness. Caffeine has its perks, but the side effects can be unpleasant. Rest remains the best solution to work-related stress. However, sleeping in the middle of a shift will not please your employers, nor is it effective. However, a shorter version of that sleep can suffice.

Power naps can be a great way to calm down when feeling stressed. They help you detach from the activity that’s stressing you for a period, giving you fresh energy to face the work after waking up. Sleep therapists reveal that the benefits of power naps go beyond relaxation. Power naps can help sharpen memory, cognitive skills, and creativity. You can try a power nap, but it should be brief, spanning over 30 to 45 minutes.

2. Chew Gum

Did you ever think an activity as common as chewing gum could calm you down? Yet, this stress-relieving strategy works, especially if you want to keep your mind off stress throughout a hectic day. There’s even science to back it up. A Swinburne University study revealed that gum chewers have lower cortisol levels and tend to manage stress better.

The activity increases alertness and performance, with the potential to turn a negative mood around. The gum type you opt for may increase the relaxing effect you get from chewing gum. For instance, some gum options like cannabidiol (CBD) gummies might offer stress-relieving benefits.

This herbal remedy is becoming more popular by the day and is very easy to get a hold of. A quick Google search for the “best CBD gummies UK” can bring up several options if you’re in the United Kingdom. However, ensure to check any product with a health expert before use to avoid side effects.

3. Journal Your Stress Out

The next time you feel stressed at work, pick a notebook and a pen, and start writing your thoughts down. Studies have shown that journaling your thoughts can help reduce psychological distress, calming you down eventually. Generally, the stigma attached to some of these tips is gradually waning because of how crucial stress management has become.

4. Have a Quick Stretch

How often do you find yourself sitting? For many, the day starts with a long drive or bus ride to and from work. From the moment they arrive at work until the time they close, you’ll find them in an office chair working on files or using a computer. This sedentary cycle repeats itself from days to weeks to months. Unsurprisingly, about 16 million Americans complain of lower back pain every year. Using proactive solutions to tackle sedentary-related issues is better than waiting for the effects to actualize before engaging. For this reason, it’s helpful to commit to a stretch routine.

Assess your working schedules and make room for a quick stretch after a specific period of the day. You may not need to leave the office to practice your stretch routine. It can be as simple as reaching your arms as far as you can, curving your back and shoulders back and forth.

All in all, feel free to combine multiple strategies to have a more relaxed life.