Diet for Adrenal Fatigue

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Adrenal fatigue is a term that is popping up more and more and something that more people are being diagnosed with. Adrenal fatigue is a term that is used to describe a group of different symptoms such as fatigue, digestive issues, sleep problems, and body aches. It is caused when your adrenal glands are totally burned out from chronic stress or an infection. With adrenal fatigue, the adrenal glands are not producing enough cortisol which can lead to a whole host of symptoms that can significantly interfere with the overall quality of life.

With that being said, nutrition plays a big role in supporting symptoms of adrenal fatigue, so let’s dive into five dietary tips you can implement to help support adrenal fatigue.

5 Diet Tips FOR Adrenal Fatigue 

#1 Eat Breakfast: Eating breakfast is such an important part of supporting adrenal fatigue to help stabilize blood sugar, give you a boost of energy before you start your day, and also help prevent sugar cravings. The trick is to consume a nutrient-dense breakfast with healthy fats, protein, and complex carbohydrates. Some healthy options include hard-boiled eggs, a green smoothie made with spinach, a banana, and coconut milk, or mashed avocado on a piece of gluten free toast. Don’t make the mistake of skipping breakfast as it can worsen fatigue and cause blood sugar imbalance’s making adrenal fatigue symptoms worse. It is recommended that you eat breakfast before 10:00 AM to help replenish the body. (1)

#2 Get a Wide Variety of Vegetables: While we all know just how important adding veggies are to a healthy diet, vegetables are even more important when dealing with adrenal fatigue. Vegetables provide the body with an abundant number of vitamins and minerals as well as dietary fiber which can help support stable blood sugar levels which is an important part of controlling adrenal fatigue symptoms. Strive to eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables each day to support overall health.

#3 Enjoy Well Balanced Meals: When suffering from adrenal fatigue, it is important to make sure your meals and snacks are balanced. Strive to combine healthy fats, proteins, and complex carbs to help provide your body with long term energy and prevent a blood sugar crash.

#4 Choose High-Quality Salt: Those suffering from adrenal fatigue may benefit from adding some high-quality salt to their diet so long as they don’t also suffer from high blood pressure. It is thought that some symptoms of adrenal fatigue can be due to your need for salt. (2) However, you want to stick to Celtic salt that still contains its nutrients as opposed to processed table salt that has been stripped of its important minerals.

#5 Stay Hydrated: It’s super important to stay on top of hydration when dealing with adrenal fatigue since dehydrationcan put stress on your adrenal glands. (3) Stay on top of hydration throughout the day by getting enough filtered water, and aim to get at least eight glasses of water per day, and more if you are active.

Adrenal fatigue is a condition that can really interfere with your overall quality of life, but making the necessary dietary changes can really help you feel better and improve your energy levels. Try implementing these diet tips for adrenal fatigue, boost energy, and support blood sugar balance so that you can feel your best each and every day.


Rebecca Jacobs N.C is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant, specializing in digestive and women’s health. She doesn’t believe in dieting but rather making lifestyle changes, and believes that healthy eating must be delicious. Rebecca is also a recipe developer and creates healthier alternatives to traditionally unhealthy foods.