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Green dentistry is becoming more and more popular each day. However, not many people know what it stands for. In plain terms, it means that the dentists reduce the impact they have on the environment. This means reducing the energy they use, decreasing pollution, and limiting the waste they put out. In the 21st century, it’s essential that we keep a sharp eye on the world we live in. 

Since the Industrial Revolution, we have only polluted this earth. But now, every profession can help out a little bit in saving this precious piece of land we have. We have destroyed forests, rivers and nature everywhere. The toxic waste we produce causes only harm. Green dentistry might not be the best solution we have for it, but it’s a part that helps. And if everyone helped out just a little, the world would definitely be a better place to live in. Click here to read more about green solutions and helping out as much as you could.

Patient Care is Becoming Green

There are three main ways in which dentistscan be better when it comes to patient care. These three include digital x-rays, throwing away amalgam, and getting rid of everything disposable. Although, not literally for the last part. We’ll explain in a bit.

Green X-rays

First of all, we’ll talk about digital x-rays. Everyone knows that radiation is harmful to you. We try and limit ourselves as much as possible from it. Using digital ones reduces the amount of radiation directed toward your patients. As well as that, it helps the environment. It helps by reducing the need for disposing of countless lead foils which can do harm in the long run. Here is some more info:

Green X-Rays


Secondly, we’ll talk about amalgam. It’s an old technology by now, and most modern dentists use composite fillings. Those composite fillings might contain a little bit of amalgam, but it’s not as much as a few decades ago. This also helps the planet. In what way you might ask. Well, when a dentist removes a filling of that kind, both you and they are at risk of exposure to mercury vapors. If a restoration of that kind is not handled correctly, it can end up damaging the water supply and do more damage than it should. Getting rid of these kinds of fillings is definitely a step closer to a better world 


Finally, we’ll talk about disposables. Before, we mentioned that you need to get rid of everything disposable. That’s interesting because everything disposable is thrown away after a single use. And there lies the problem. Piles and piles of trash get thrown into dumpsters and landfills for nothing. This includes cups, disposable bibs, protective apparel like masks and similar things. Green dentists try to reduce disposables as much as they possibly could.

A few exciting things they do is they install energy efficient washer and dryers. In this way, all of the cloths like bibs, gowns, and head covers will be used multiple times. You can just wash them and dry them in less than an hour or so. The rest of the equipment can be sterilized and cleaned as well. However, if you by any chance see a dentist office in Greenbelt, MD that’s using disposables, don’t panic immediately. There is a high chance that they’re recycling and helping out in many other ways. 


Positively impacting the environment helps out everyone. As they say, the world belongs to no one and is home to everyone. One small change and benefit at a time goes a long way. And now, people are becoming more and more informed each day. You can showcase your practice by being a part of the Eco-Dentistry Association. This requires a certificate, and it’s a great association to be a part of.

People want to do business with people who care about the planet, and are doing things of value. And nothing is more valuable than the world we leave to our children. Going green is a great way to reach an entirely new market of people. These three strategies will surely help you out to get a few more environmentally conscious patients.


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