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Earn HealthSoul points?

  • Writing a Review: You will get 5 points for every Review which is posted and meet guidelines of HealthSoul LLC. If your review is removed due to foul language or not meeting the standards, then you will not get any points. You can earn maximum of 50 points (for 10 reviews) with this activity.
  • Refer a friend: If you refer a friend who register and post 10 reviews on HealthSoul will count as a referral and earn you 10 points.
  • Share blogs - earn 5 points for sharing one blog. You can earn maximum of 100 points with this activity.

What is the value of the HealthSoul points?

You need atleast 100 points to Redeem. If you continue to let points grow and redeem all at one time, then point value increases. Point values or Gift card company can be changed at any time by HealthSoul LLC. Only one gift card can be redeemed in a calendar year.

If redeemed 100 HealthSoul Points you will get $10.00 Gift card.

If redeemed 250 HealthSoul Points you will get $25.00 Gift card.

If redeemed 500 HealthSoul Points you will get $50.00 Gift card. Gift cards cannot be substituted for Amazon gift cards based in another country like, etc.

How do I redeem HealthSoul points?

Please email your request for number of points to be redeemed to It will be processed in 7-10 days.

Write a Review

Write a Review about your doctor or hospital: Get Amazon Card" by SIGN UP today "

Terms and Conditions

How to enter

1. Write 10 Healthcare Reviews and Refer 5 friends to get $10.00 Amazon Gift Card.  You will get 100 points and can be redeemed in your profile for $10.00 gift card. There must be a minimum of 10 reviews to redeem any gift card.

2. Each user will be counted as referral when they have posted 10 reviews. The user must not have registered any previous email with HealthSoul.

3. Request redemption of 100 points (equal to $10.00 Amazon gift card) in your profile.

4. Your gift card will be processed within 48 -72 hours after redemption is requested. 


Sweepstakes Details 

1. One email eligible to win only one $10.00 gift card in a 3 month period. One email elligible to win only one i-PAD in a year. The model of ipad or i-pad mini is decided by the company.

2. Must Agree to Terms and Conditions of HealthSoul LLC and Promotion is not sponsored by Gift cards cannot be substituted.Amazon Logo and are copyright of Amazon LLC. 

3. Decision of HealthSoul is final. Promotion can be ended anytime by HealthSoul LLC. Valid only in USA. 

4. Must be willing to complete profile if you are a winner and winners will be notified via registered email only. If registered email is invalid, then you will not be eligible for the raffle. 

5. All reviews which are REPEAT, FAKE, CONSIDERED FALSIFIED or ILLEGITIMATE WILL BE REMOVED and make user ineligible for any promotion. 

6. Please write a 5 point review of doctor, hospital - by clicking on review button. DO NOT click on CLAIM BUTTON - This does not generate a review.

7. If you don't find you doctor - then click on Add a doctor /hospital button on search page. The doctor will be added in 3-5 days. Buy adding a doctor button does not qualify for the review.

8. Maximum of 500 points can be redeemed in 12 month period. Effective April 6th, 2020 the gift cards for $25.00 or $50.00 wil be sent only after phone and address verification. Address should be completed in your profile, along with your phone number. These gift cards will be send to USA phone numbers as text messages.

9. If 48 hours have passed and you did not recevie the gift card, please send an email to to redeem your $10.00 Amazon gift card.

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Erica based in Springfield, IL
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