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I have had lower back pain for a week now. Would you recommend that I call my primary Dr. or go to a walk-in ortho clinic?

27 Jul

Back pain

Lower back pain is considered acute from onset to first 4 weeks. Most cases of lower back pain are short term and result from sprain or strain of back muscles. You should call you Family practice or Internal medicine doctor to get recommendations- if pain is there for more then few days. Per back pain facts from - The most common first line treatment is hot or cold pack to ease pain and stretching exercises .Limited amount of over the counter pain meds like acetaminophen or NSAIDS ( ibuprofen ) may help with pain. Clinical history and exam is sufficient to make diagnosis for most cases and rarely any x-rays are done for acute back pain.

I find that so many doctors don't really listen to a patient's medical history, (or the reason they are in for an appointment). I have been to doctors that act like they know more about my medical history than I do. Or they will tell me to keep taking the medicine that I am reporting to be problematic for me. This has happened to me twice in the past eight months by two different doctors whom I have not seen before, or once before?
Why won't doctors LISTEN to the patients? And recognize that we know about our health history?

30 Jul

Patient doctor communication

We totally understand that doctors need to spend more time in listening to patients. You can post reviews on those physicians to help others.Hopefully you can choose the right doctor from our website. Or send us a message for kind of doctor you need,we can make some recommendations based on your necessity.

How do I write a review?

30 Jul

Writing a review

We appreciate your interest in our website.Please register and create an account to be able to post a review. You can find hospital or health insurance in US or doctor (currently from IL) and then click on write a review. You will be able to complete the review in 1-2 minutes.

Best doctor and hospital for complete shoulder replacement within driving distance of Springfield IL?

31 Jul

Shoulder replacement

Due to our policy, HealthSoul team cannot make recommendations for a specific physician or hospital.But this question has generated email to other HealthSoul users in Springfield and then can choose to answer this question.

How do I do a referral under a friend so she can get the credit.

13 Apr

edit your profile, scroll down to promotions and enter the email address they gave you.

How do I write a review

19 Apr

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