What is Health Soul?

Health Soul is online portal for healthcare consumers to share their opinion and reviews regarding their experience of healthcare provider (Hospitals, Health Insurance, Travel health Insurance)

Who can write the hospital review?

Patient or immediate care taker only should write the review. The hospitalization should be within last 24 months.

Who can write review for health insurance review?

You are eligible to write the review If you have used health or medical insurance for any reason in last 18 months.

Who can write review for health insurance or travel health insurance?

Anybody who has purchased the travel health insurance within last 18 months can write review.

Is there a limit on number of reviews?

You can review one entity only 2 times in one month. This is to prevent fraudulent reviews.

Why don’t I see my health insurance or Hospital listed on your website?

We have created comprehensive directory, but it is not 100% complete. Please help us complete the list and send us an Email to add healthcare Provider.

Is there age limit to create the account?

Per our terms and conditions, you have to be at least 18 years old to create account and post reviews.

Do you provide listing based on financial interest in healthcare entity?

You can sort the listing by distance or star rating. Your search results are based on your search criteria not the financial interests. The featured providers are listed separately.

Do you sell medical tourism package or health insurance?

Currently we don’t sell any sort of healthcare service including insurance or hospital admissions. We have third party vendors listed on our website for purchasing insurance.

Can I post a medical question on my recent hospitalization?

Our website is not involved in providing any sort of advise on medical conditions or diagnosis. Per our terms and Conditions, you cannot post any Personal Health information. Our website is not HIPAA compliant at this point.

Why my review has been deleted?

Our team reserves the right to hide or delete the reviews which have profanity or vulgar language. Please read Code of Conduct in our Terms and Conditions.

What are the points listed by my User Id?

You can accumulate points when you post a review, post a question or answer a question. You also get points if your review gets helpful votes. The points get you the social badge on our website. The higher points can also provide access to discount coupons with our promotions or

Can I get paid to post reviews?

We do not pay cash for posting reviews or answering questions on our website to avoid fraudulent activity. We may run certain promotions from time to time for gift cards for advertisement of our website. You can accumulate points when you post a review, post a question or answer a question. The higher points can also provide access to discount coupons with our third party vendors.

How can I earn HealthSoul points?

You can earn points in several ways.

  • Writing a Review

    You will get 5 points for a Review which is posted and meet guidelines of HealthSoul LLC. If your review is removed due to foul language or not meeting the standards, then you will not get any points. You can earn points for maximum of 100 points (for 20 reviews) in 12 months. (January 1st to December 31st)

  • Refer a friend

    If you refer a friend who register and post review on HealthSoul will count as a referral and earn you 10 points.

  • Appointment Feature

    Appointment feature is available in limited countries. If appointment made through HealthSoul portal and you come back review your doctor after the appointment, then you get 5 points for that appointment.

What is the value of the HealthSoul points?

You need atleast 100 points to Redeem. If you continue to let points grow and redeem all at one time, then point value increases. Point values or Gift card company can be changed at any time by HealthSoul LLC. Only one gift card can be redeemed in a calendar year.

  • If redeemed 100 HealthSoul Points you will get $10.00 Amazon.com Gift card.
  • If redeemed 250 HealthSoul Points you will get $25.00 Amazon.com Gift card.
  • If redeemed 500 HealthSoul Points you will get $50.00 Amazon.com Gift card.
Amazon.com Gift cards cannot be substituted for Amazon gift cards based in another country like Amazon.in, amazon.com.br etc.

How many points can I redeem in one year?

You can redeem maximum of 500 points in one year.

What are HealthSoul Social Badges?

HealthSoul Social Badges are awarded to users who remain active on the website.

  • 25 points Badge 1: Reviewer
  • 100 points Badge 2: Advisor
  • 250 points Badge 3: Guide
  • 500 points Badge 4: Expert

How can I refer a friend?

Your personalized link for referral is available in your profile.You can use the following message to refer your friends. Your friends must click through your link to count towards as your friend.

Hi Friends,
Visit www.Healthsoul.com and post reviews if you have recently used Healthcare.
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You can find your own link in your profile.

Privacy Policy

As part of my use of HealthSoul, I acknowledge the use of my information will be processed in accordance with the HealthSoul Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. By clicking "Accept", I am hereby providing consent to this use and agree to all of the terms and conditions.