Medical Assistance in Switzerland

Is “medical tourism in Switzerland” leading you to emphasize recreation more than the procedure for medical care abroad?

Let’s focus and put a spotlight on your health benefits in mind with your travel preferences!

One of the strongest growth areas in the travel and tourism industry in Switzerland is medical tourism. The Swiss health system is quite renowned and integrates highly regarded doctors, staff, state-of-the-art hospitals and clinics. The destination is on the top of consideration for the medical tourist wishing to get some quality treatment. Switzerland’s infrastructure, world known surgeries, combined with the country’s natural beauty, can prove to be a refreshing trip for all patients.

The medical tourism industry of Switzerland is hugely influenced by privately owned medical centers. Some of the known procedures performed by Switzerland medical tourists include cosmetic surgeries, hair transplants, rejuvenation treatment and Cancer treatment:

  • Switzerland has one of the top clinics for hair transplant procedures representing the pinnacle of industry standards in hair transplant services. Many leading private clinics offers a range of hair treatment packages are arranged and tailored to individual specifications in order to offer exceptional value.
  • World-renowned for being at the forefront of medical treatment, Switzerland is also a leader in cosmetic rejuvenation. Swiss rejuvenation clinics offer a diverse range of expertise, with treatments including wrinkle decrease, facial lifting, laser treatment, IPL, Botox and cosmetic cell treatment.
  • Some of the most effective treatments are developed right here, and currently, a lot of research is going into immune-therapy. There is an individualistic approach to cancer treatment.

Few reasons why many foreigners seek medical assistance in Switzerland

High Quality Services

Service in Switzerland is personalised with high standard clinics available along with a wide variety of treatments. Switzerland has more than a right to boast its medical tourism prowess. Although travelling abroad for medical care can be challenging, many patients welcome the chance to blaze a trail, and they find the comforts offered abroad are a welcome relief.

Finely Trained and Educated Staff

Switzerland physicians are highly trained and educated with many of them being holders of necessary professional certifications. Swiss surgeons have been regarded as ‘artists’ due to their skills in cosmetic surgery and will often provide personalized care for all patients.

Cost of Medical Treatments

Healthcare costs in Switzerland are 11.4% of GDP (2010), comparable to Germany and France (11.6%) and other European countries, but significantly less than in the USA (17.6%). In the 2015 Euro health consumer index survey Switzerland was placed second, and described as an excellent, although expensive, healthcare system.

State of the art Tourism Infrastructure

Government has poured billions of dollars into improving the healthcare system, which is now aggressively catering to the international health traveller. Switzerland has a well-developed tourism infrastructure including inviting beaches.

Legal Requirements

Foreigners visiting Switzerland for medical reasons are required to have a legal passport, but if their visit is scheduled to last not more than 90 days, a Visa isn’t required.

Vibrant Culture and People

Getting away from the myriad obligations of home and professional life can yield healthful effects at a stressful time. What’s more, the country’s rich culture coupled with friendly people and splendid cuisine makes foreigners willing to visit the country. Medical travel—and particularly international medical travel—can literally be a life changing experience.


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