Why Has Cannabidiol Products Gained Popularity in the US and Europe?

Why Has Cannabidiol Products Gained Popularity in the US and Europe| HealthSoul

Non-toxic CBD products (like CBD oil) have many consumers. They belong to all age groups, countries, and even species. For example, people feed their pets CBD to relieve pain and ease anxiety. When consumers found out about the benefits of CBD, many entrepreneurs started to massively release their innovative CBD products. This is a competitive market and many brands big and small are struggling to get their share.

CBD in the US

Since the 2018 US Agriculture Act passed and industrial hemp became legal, the cannabis industry has expanded. CBD is now mainstream in the United States and the market is expected to reach $23.7 billion by 2023. Today, you can purchase a wide range of CBD products — from tincture to Hometown Hero Delta 9 gummy — in special depositaries.

The popularity of CBD products in the US is mainly due to the legalization of cannabinoids. Other reasons include the following:

  • CBD has minor psychoactive effects: it is an attractive option for people looking to relieve pain or stress;
  • It has also created a growing market for researchers, farmers, and investors;
  • It’s legal: Most US states have legalized the use of CBD for medical or personal use;
  • It can be an effective alternative treatment: the National Center for Biotechnology Information says CBD can reduce epileptic seizures in children;
  • It is popular with influencers: as CBD shows great business potential, many CBD brands are partnering with CBD influencers to promote it on social media.

Now, let’s find out the roots of CBD’s popularity in Europe.

CBD in Europe

EMCDDA data show that, despite all the bans, nearly 30 percent of European adults have smoked a joint or pipe of marijuana at least once in their lives. Cannabis has not only penetrated into public life but has also managed to firmly gain a foothold in it. Global trends are also fueling the debate: four of the six parties represented in the German Bundestag are now campaigning to end the ban on the sale of cannabis.

In Denmark, it is legal to own hemp oil if the THC content is below 0.2%. The exception is CBD medications such as lip creams and balms. These products do not require a prescription. Meanwhile, thanks to new European regulations and laws, the regulatory and legal status of CBD-only cannabis in France has finally stabilized, making CBD with less than 0.2% THC a completely legal product.

On October 22, the local government announced that adult citizens of Luxembourg will be able to legally grow up to four cannabis bushes for personal use. Thus, Luxembourg became the first country in Europe to legalize the cultivation and use of marijuana.

As you can see, the CBD rush doesn’t stop even after many years of discussion. The positive effect of cannabis products on health makes the legalization process only a matter of time. What is your opinion about it? Share with us in the comments.