When Should You Start Taking BCAA Supplements?

When Should You Start Taking BCAA Supplements?| HealthSoul

BCAA supplements or branched-chain amino acids are taken orally by bodybuilders or athletes to help them quickly recover from their Workout or athletic activities. It can also help in preventing the breakdown of muscles during such activities.

It is the reason why BCAA supplements have become increasingly popular nowadays. If you are curious about this pre-workout supplement, you might want to continue reading this article and know when is the best time to take it.

When Is the Best Time to Start Taking BCAA Supplement

Before taking this supplement, you should first read more about bcaa to better understand its purpose. Aside from that, you should also determine when you should start taking BCAA to aid you in your Workout.

When your stamina and endurance start to decline, you should start to take BCAA as part of your pre-workout regime. It is also best that you take BCAA supplements if you are prone to experience muscle soreness after a high-intensity workout routine.

In short, if you are engaging in a high-intensity workout, you should automatically consider taking BCAA supplements to aid your body and help it overcome the routine.

Moreover, BCAA supplements increase your energy during an extended exercise. If you plan to up your workout routines, you must start taking BCAA supplements before engaging in new and higher intensity exercises.

In addition to knowing when you should start taking BCAA supplements, it is also crucial that you know the best time to drink it every day.

The Best Time of the Day to Take BCAA Supplements

Now that you have decided to incorporate a BCAA supplement into your workout regime, the next thing you should know is the right time of the day it is best to take it.

You must know when to take your supplement to make the most out of it, allowing you to enjoy your routine instead of feeling overwhelmed.

So, here are the best times you should take your BCAA supplement:

Taking It Pre-workout

The BCAA levels in your blood peak 30 minutes after consumption. So, with that being said, you should take the supplement before you start your workout routine if you aim to maximize its fatigue-reducing benefits.

It is also the recommended time for individuals who get exhausted easily to ensure that they can endure their exercise and complete the entire routine.

Consuming It after Workout

Some individuals who engage in an exercise routine consume their BCAA after a workout. It is included in their post-workout regime as they find it helpful in reducing soreness and increasing recovery after consuming it.

It is because BCAAs promote muscle protein synthesis, which helps to reduce muscle damage while exercising. This, in return, can decrease post-workout muscle soreness, which is especially beneficial for those who perform high-intensity workouts or several exercises per day.

How Much Bcaa Do You Need per Day?

It is recommended to take 15-20 grams of BCAA supplements a day if you are a male. However, if you are not doing high-intensity workouts, only take two servings of BCAA daily.

Meanwhile, if you have a busy gym life and are engaged in strenuous activities, it is advised to increase your dosage to 6-8 servings of 5 grams each per day. For women, on the other hand, it is recommended to take a minimum of 3-5 grams of BCAA a day.

Moreover, the standard BCAA Supplement consists of 7 grams per scoop. It is why many individuals who are taking the supplement do just fine even though they only consume one scoop a day.

Who Should and Shouldn’t Take BCAA Supplements?

BCAA can even be consumed through food, proving that it is a naturally occurring substance and harmless.

However, when taking supplements, you should always be aware and take time to know about the associated risks. Although BCAA is safe in general, not everyone is fit to consume this supplementation.

Individuals about to undergo surgery should avoid taking BCAA for a certain period as it can affect their blood sugar levels.

Additionally, BCAA is also contraindicated for individuals with underlying medical conditions. Those who have branched-chain keto-aciduria, liver disease, kidney disease, and heart disease should not consume BCAA supplements. People who drink alcohol excessively should also avoid taking supplements.

On the other hand, BCAA Supplements are required for Vegans as it helps supplement their diet, especially if they are engaging in a high-intensity workout. Not to mention that the supplement is plant-based, so it is okay for them to consume.

Vegans can supplement with BCAAs to fill in nutritional gaps and ensure they’re getting enough of the amino acids that they need to feel good and see positive results from their workouts.

In Conclusion

Taking BCAA supplements helps you improve your workout performance while also aiding your body to recover after the activity. It is advised to be taken by individuals engaging in high-intensity and prolonged exercise routines. So, start taking it today and see the difference when you perform your workout routine.