What Should You Do With Your Roaches Weed?

What Should You Do With Your Roaches Weed?| HealthSoul

When you smoke a joint almost to completion, you are left with roaches. This tiny remainder of roaches weed is too small to smoke, and you could burn your fingers in the process. The high amounts of resin make a roach appear brown and are also responsible for giving you that added high compared to a regular joint.

Even the smoke deposits that settle each time you inhale your joint contribute to this brown color. Instead of making a joint only of potent roaches, adding one or two to fresh joints reduces the potency. You can damage your lungs by inhaling an excess of resin. Hence, it must be sparingly used.

Leftover Weed

Instead of tossing out the leftover weed or roach after smoking most of the joint, you can salvage it. Smoking roaches weed has its advantages which include:

Prolonging Your Stash

When you partake in cannabis frequently, you need to keep refreshing your supplies. Smoking roach weed stretches your stash, saving you both shopping time and added expense.

However, you must ensure that you take advantage of the weed before it loses its punch. Also, an excessive delay may result in the joint paper turning brittle.

Propagating Zero Waste

By retaining a roach and reusing it, you contribute to the zero waste movement. It can significantly impact the planet by adopting a reuse and recycle approach.

If you dispose of the remaining weed, do so responsibly. Use water to completely extinguish the roach and eliminate the risk of igniting a fire. Safely killing your smoking materials saves properties and lives both human and animal.

Flushing the roach down your toilet is not the answer, as you are encouraging chemicals to penetrate an already compromised water supply.

To maximize the use of remnant roach weed instead of wasting it, you can try:

  • Smoking it while using a roach clip as this device made from non-combustible material allows you to hold roaches without burning your fingers.
  • Salvaging a few roaches after extinguishing the joint and touching it once cool. Collect bits of weed by tearing open each roach so you can re-roll what you collect to make a new and stronger joint.
  • Adding groups of roaches to a bowl for smoking purposes.

The considerable amounts of tar in roaches lend a taste slightly richer than regular dope. When stored for longer, roaches are likely to lose their potency way faster than normal weed. To lessen the chances of weed entering your mouth while smoking a joint, include folds on the inner side of your roach.

These folds ensure your joint has a more robust end. If your roach is too much for the rolling paper material, slightly unravel the roach and rip a portion of the outside. The roach resembles the perfect fit once you roll the joint back up again.

Preserving roaches for smoking later is a choice you make. Typically, the joint burning down creates a harsher smoke because of the consistent ember heat. The remnant smoke even causes the plant matter and oils present in the weed to congeal.

Learn more about smoking cannabis from a specialist on the subject.