What Should Travel Insurance Cover on Your Next Trip?

How Travel Insurance Can Protect Your Next Outdoor Trip | HealthSoul

Travel insurance options can vary from one policy to another and depend on the type of trip you’re going on. For example, it may cover any damage done to a rental car, lost luggage or a ruined laptop.

So if you decide to buy travel insurance, it is vital to conduct careful research beforehand. It is crucial to determine not only what’s covered, but if there are any loopholes, limits and exemptions that might surprise you when you most need it. Let’s see what things should be covered by any good travel insurance, and what to be mindful of when reading your contract:

Trip Cancellation

Many policies include some form of coverage for trip cancellation to reimburse your basic expenses, like tickets or accommodation. In case you add the “cancel for any reason” insurance, you will receive a list of acceptable reasons to cancel a trip on your own. Make sure to read them carefully!

Medical Assistance

Travel insurance does not cover all areas of health insurance. Nonetheless, it will provide you with medical support and expenses related to medical care (if you are in another country, it will more likely cover the medical evacuation as well). Indeed, it depends on the plan you choose, and some policies may offer you 24/7 assistance and dental care when others may limit it to accidents only.

Accidental Death

This is something that no one wants to talk about, but according to The Insider, “out of the 93 million Americans who travel only 800 die as a result of an accident” – so the odds are majorly in your favor. So just in case, it’s better to have accidental death insurance and not have to think about the “what if” – because in the event of a tragedy, everything will be taken care of, including transportation.

In order to have a full scope of what a trip to the great outdoors might cost and what your chances of having an unfortunate accident are (spoiler alert: not too big…) check out this fun infographic from  My Open Country.