What Are The Top 5 Reasons People Get Plastic Surgery?

What Are The Top 5 Reasons People Get Plastic Surgery | HealthSoul

Plastic surgery enjoys a fascinating history and can be traced back to ancient human times. As per the data available, doctors have been using skin grafts to reconstruct human skin issues since the 8th century BC.

Now, with time, plastic surgery is becoming a standard procedure, with people from all walks of life going for the procedure for one reason or another. In fact, 5.5 million surgical and non-surgical plastic surgery procedures were conducted in the US in the year 2020! Such is the rising popularity of plastic surgery.

However, according to renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Pirani, not every person needs this kind of surgery. Therefore, some specific reasons are imperative for going under the knife for the surgical process.

Top Reasons for People To Get Plastic Surgery

Let us walk through some of the main reasons people need plastic surgery.

Removing Stubborn Fat

Many people struggling to lose weight have a problematic ‘fat’ area that does not bulge at any cost. No matter how much you diet or exercise, you cannot lose fat in that area. This may be highly irritating for a person who has been trying hard but is not able to bore positive results.

This is where plastic surgery in the form of Liposuction comes into the picture. Liposuction is a strategy where doctors use a cannula assisted by vacuum to break stubborn fat from body parts such as hips, arms, back, etc. However, this is the last resort but is renowned as effective. Thus, more and more people who are struggling to lose weight from a particular body area are going for plastic surgery.

Disfigurement Causing Injuries

Unfortunately, injuries that cause disfigurement of different kinds and body parts also become one of the main reasons behind people going for plastic surgery. There have been many cases in medical history where patients have undergone tragic accidents and had to be under the knife to find a solution for disfigurement.

Disfigurement not only leaves scars on a person’s physical self but on his mental self as well. Plastic surgery assists doctors in covering the scarring caused due to accidents, reconstructing body parts, and helping patients regain their self-esteem.

Sagging Skin Issues

When a person loses weight, has been pregnant, or ages, sagging skin may become a significant issue. This is where plastic surgery can benefit immensely. Sagging skin can pose a significant hazard when it comes to maintaining cosmetic beauty.

Plastic surgery procedures help bring back the shape of your skin and eliminate the loose shreds of skin that make you look old, bringing along health benefits. For example, loose skin around our eyelids can hamper our eye vision which can be improved with plastic surgery.

Reducing Pain

In some situations, plastic surgery can help relieve pain and reduce the need for consuming the medication. For example, breast reduction, a form of plastic surgery, is usually done for women with large breasts. These large breasts often lead to headaches, back pain, numbness in the limbs, and even headaches.

However, breast reduction procedures cannot only decrease the size of our breasts but also help in getting relief from these consequent issues.

Increase in Confidence

Another reason for maximum people going for plastic surgery nowadays is to enjoy increased confidence. Whatever may be the reason for getting surgery, be it to rectify a disfigurement, to correct a health issue, or for cosmetic reasons, a correct posture, enhanced features, and tight skin are bound to increase your self-esteem.

In many fields, good features are the demand of the industry, and fierce competition here makes it inevitable to possess beautiful looks. In such situations, plastic surgery can pose an effective solution.

Final Words

Plastic surgery has many myths surrounding it, and different questions are bound to arise in a patient’s mind regarding the process. Thus, it is always advisable to consult a specialist who has been performing these plastic surgeries with precision. A professional will not only answer your questions but also inform you about the consequent health benefits of plastic surgery. Thus, going under the knife does not necessarily imply that there is something wrong with you; it is also a means to get better health.