What are Five Awesome ways to consume Cannabis?

What are Five Awesome ways to consume Cannabis | HealthSoul

Cannabis can be consumed in different ways. Given its numerous health benefits, more and more people are turning to cannabis. Cannabis contains the chemical CBD, which positively affects brain power by enhancing its functionality. Not to mention the pain-relieving property of THC, another substance that can be obtained from the plant. You might want to check the benefits of Freshbros Delta 8 THC. Let us have a look at some unconventional yet awesome ways to consume cannabis.

Dabbing: also known as wax and dabs, you can use this way to smoke vape the cannabis concentrates. This method incorporates flash vaporization for the inhaling of concentrated CBD. Numerous products have drastically appeared in the markets that have further increased the popularity of dabbing. It is important to know that dabbing can be quite tricky. This means that you will require appropriate equipment that includes a torch and a dab rig. When dabbing is done correctly, a high dose of clean and pure cannabis products can be inhaled.

Pills/ Capsules: if you are not fond of smoking and vaping, you might also lookup marijuana pills and capsules to obtain the maximum health benefits. THC capsules, also known as canna caps, are quite popular among the non-vaping community. Typically, these pills come suspended in some oil. THC capsules are considered suitable for people who have respiratory issues but want to treat multiple illnesses.

Bongs: this method is more popular among experienced smokers of marijuana. Bongs refer to water pipes of different sizes and designs. The water in the pipes serves the purpose of cooling the smoke a bit before it is inhaled. In this way, the smoke doesn’t hit the lungs directly. Rather it becomes smoother and cooler to inhale. The water also serves the purpose of filtering the smoke by removing the carcinogens. This is how a high dose of pure marijuana can be consumed smoothly.

Bowls: also known as the most convenient ways to smoke marijuana; bowls resemble the shape of tobacco pipes. These hand pipes are of small size, which means that a smaller dose of marijuana can be consumed. Usually made of glass, bowls are available in other materials, such as silicon, ceramic, and metal. There are also handmade bowls available that can be ordered from various sources. Another similar method of consuming marijuana is via a bubbler. The bubbler is a mixture of your traditional glass pipe and the water pipe.

As compared to the bowls, the bubblers are of a bigger size. Nonetheless, these also include the use of water, which provided a clean and filtered inhale. If you are a beginner smoker of marijuana, then we recommend starting with one of the bubblers.

Edibles: did you know that cannabis was available in the form of different edibles? You can choose between weed cookies, brownies, and even cannabis gummies. You might need weed grinders to use some of these products. You might also want to try adding a few drops of cannabis oil to your morning coffee and experience the numerous health benefits. Did we mention cannabis ice cream and other yummy candies and snacks?