Waxing Aftercare Advice

Waxing Aftercare Advice| HealthSoul

Beauty treatments have grown hugely popular over the years, and one that has grown in genuine significance is the hair removal industry.

It could astonish you but there is a whole industry behind wax hair removal. According to some research done by Globe Newswire, this industry was worth around $2.6 billion in the US, while China is expected to outstrip this figure by 2027. China’s wax removal sector is expected to grow to nearly $4 billion in the next five years.

While the Brazilian is probably the most famous wax treatment, waxing is also used on many other areas of the body, including the legs. Waxing is used by men, as well as women and keeps growing in popularity.

However, some care is needed to see the most satisfactory results and, some aftercare needs to be considered too.

What concerns are there with waxing?

As with shaving, and other hair removal techniques, some undesirable side effects could happen.

Healthline reports that there are certain side effects that you may experience from waxing. These can include soreness, a rash, ingrown hairs, bumps, sensitivity to the sun, and even scarring.

Before you get scared away from having your first wax treatment, read about how to use aftercare to make sure you can prevent these problems from happening.

How can you look after your skin once you have waxed it?

As with some other beauty treatments, there is a degree of aftercare to consider. Skin needs to be treated kindly and looked after.

The foremost thing to do is to not irritate your skin in any way. This is particularly true if your wax was in a more sensitive area, such as the bikini line. Therefore, don’t exfoliate for a couple of days after the wax.

When you do exfoliate, use a gentle solution that contains glycolic acid, and preferably a moisturizer. Use a mitt too to exfoliate, and do so gently.

In fact, moisturizing is essential after a wax. Stay away from anything perfumed, but keep moisturizing. Use antiseptic cream for a few days after your wax, and if you like, you can use creams such as E45 too.

How ought you prepare for your waxing session?

If your desire is getting the most out of your visit when being waxed, Authentic Brazilian Wax in Nashville recommend your aftercare starts prior to the session.

This may sound odd, but preparing for your wax treatment will help you to have an easier time with aftercare. Many of the simple problems that happen from waxing stem from not being prepared to begin with.

Some tips they give that you may want to use before going for a waxing treatment, are the following:

  • Hydrate – Consume a healthy amount of water in the week before you get waxed
  • Exfoliate a day or so before
  • Shower before you go to the salon, and avoid using any creams
  • Ensure your hair is long enough, but not too long for waxing
  • Don’t shave

You can learn more about these tips and their services at their website.

What to avoid after you have been waxed

For the best results, and the least irritation after waxing, you should try to let your skin breathe, and generally not irritate it.

This means staying away from saunas, the sun, and hot tubs. Avoid hot showers even. You generally want to leave your skin to recover, so this means avoiding tight clothing, exercise, and scratching or rubbing.

And, even though you might like to use body sprays, lotions, and perfumes, they shouldn’t go anywhere near a waxed area until it is ready.

It is normal to experience some bumps or spots, or some redness. Normally though, this will disappear in a few days. As long as you continue to work at soothing your skin, and avoiding anything that could cause friction or irritation.

Is a professional necessary for waxing, or can you do it yourself?

One thing that puts people off from seeking a wax session from a wax technician is the cost. However, the long-lasting results make up for this as far as many individuals are concerned. If you wish to cut costs though, you could carry out this beauty treatment at home.

The choice is abundant when it comes to wax strips for hair removal at home. And, you can choose from hypo-allergenic, and standard versions. If you are going to wax yourself, then it is worth considering how to prep, and how to care for your skin after.


The waxing industry is massive, and for good reason. There are plenty of hair removal creams for perfect skin, and other options such as laser hair removal, but many prefer to wax.

The Brazilian for instance, brought waxing to the forefront when celebrities adopted it, and then the masses. Waxing leaves the skin feeling ultra-smooth and is less messy than creams. It is also less costly than laser hair removal, and kinder than shaving.

The key to having a good wax is to prep and then follow the after-care advice provided in this article.