Virtual Consultation That Goes Beyond Medicine Home Delivery

Medication non-adherence costs nearly $290 billion every year. There are multiple reasons for being non-adherent to medications. The major reasons are the high costs of medications, lack of understanding about the significance of medications, and lack of convenience. Even providers are unable to educate their patients regarding the significance of medication adherence.

Hence, it’s important to have all three parties – providers, patients, and pharmacists – in a loop to ensure medication adherence.

This is where digital apps involving virtual consultation followed by online pharmacy delivery play a significant role.

Digital health apps like LitonMD have implemented both these services so that every patient can experience complete healthcare from the comfort of their homes. So, let us go through its benefits for patients, providers, and pharmacies.

How do digital health apps benefit patients?

  • Easy access to care providers anywhere, anytime
  • No unnecessary wait times for appointments
  • Online consultation on demand
  • Unlimited online visits
  • Easy ordering of medications at their own convenience without leaving their homes
  • Wide choice of medications available under one roof
  • Discounts as well as special offers
  • Easy access to information about every prescription medication
  • Quick price comparison
  • Easy tracking of orders
  • Enjoy the privacy of online purchase of medications
  • No travel costs to brick-and-mortar pharmacies
  • Contact pharmacist online for any information about orders or medications
  • Save time and overall healthcare costs by reducing unwanted hospitalizations and ER visits

Furthermore, patients can engage with pharmacists to receive guidance in the following aspects such as:

  • Help patients understand their medication schedules and their significance
  • Explain the significance of purchasing medications over the counter
  • Explain the side effects of medications, if any, and help patients in figuring out an alternative solution
  • Help patients with discount options so that they can save on medication expenses

How do digital health apps benefit pharmacies?

  • Advanced analytics
  • Increase in number of customers
  • Better customer engagement and retention
  • 24/7 availability
  • Availability of online prescriptions issued by a certified physician or practitioner
  • Timely prescription refilling
  • Multiple payment options
  • Convenient and user-friendly

How do digital health apps benefit providers?

  • Engage with patients anywhere, anytime
  • Track whether patients strictly adhere to their medications
  • Create prescriptions online and send them to the pharmacy directly so that they can take care of prescription delivery
  • Better access to patients and able to spend more time with them
  • Timely follow-ups without any hassles
  • Condition-specific patient education
  • Save time
  • Higher patient satisfaction

Virtual care delivery is becoming more popular and its demand is increasing at a skyrocketing level among all age groups and demographics across the nation. Similarly, online pharmacy delivery apps witnessed a significant surge since the COVID-19 pandemic and still increase in demand.

Thus, virtual care delivery and e-pharmacy together improve the patient experience by allowing clinicians to provide holistic care from treatment and prevention to medication adherence and management. Furthermore, this combinational service offers long-lasting outcomes while improving the quality of life.

How do these digital health apps work?

You just sign up, connect with the care provider on-demand, consult virtually, order your prescription medication online, and get it delivered right at your doorsteps.

How do I know if a virtual consultation cum prescription online delivery app is legitimate or not?

Several websites sell dangerous expiry medications. Hence, make sure that the website you are using is safe before opting for virtual consultation and ordering prescription medication online.

The online consultation cum online pharmacy is legitimate if it:

  • Always need a prescription before issuing medicines for home delivery
  • Is licensed by a state board of pharmacy
  • Have a licensed pharmacist solve your queries and clarify your doubts
  • Have a proper physical address and contact number in the US

The online consultation cum online pharmacy is illegitimate if it:

  • Offers medicine home delivery without a doctor’s prescription
  • Is not licensed by a state board of pharmacy
  • No availability of a licensed pharmacist to solve your queries and clarify your doubts
  • Sends medications that are damaged, broken, outdated, or have no expiry date
  • Has improper protection of your personal information
  • Provides unbelievable discounts or prices that are impossible to believe

Need online consultation followed by prescription delivery?

In 2021, the online pharmacy delivery market was at $1656.9 billion and is predicted to reach $2206.5 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 5.9%.

Hence, there is no doubt that the virtual consultation accompanied by an online prescription delivery app is an upcoming business segment that will stand out over the years to come.

Just skip the hassle of long waits and direct clinical visits. Sit on your couch, consult your clinician virtually, and get your prescription medications delivered directly to your home on the same day. Digital health apps like LitonMD will serve this purpose.