Using CBD oil for Acne & Skin Regeneration

Using CBD oil for Acne & Skin Regeneration | HealthSoul

CBD seems to cure everything. Well, yeah, ‘seems.

From pain to cancerous symptoms, the compound has gained increasing attention for its many potential therapeutic offers.

Although CBD is most common in oral and sublingual administrations, the ingredient has gained widespread recognition and acceptance in beauty and skincare products.

Lately, a Market Watch Report valued the CBD cosmetic market at over 580 million USD, predicted to hit 1.7 billion USD by 2025.

While the claims and figures look interesting, does CBD oil for acne and other skin concerns a thing?

Let’s find out…

How does CBD Works for Skin?

Research suggests CBD contains chemicals and molecules that may be beneficial to the skin. According to research, CBD manages acne, regenerates your skin, and causes other skin-happy results. Let’s quickly discuss some:

  • CBD for Acne

Acne shows up when dirt, excess oil, or dead skin cells build on the skin surface and clogs the pores.

This obstruction feeds Propionibacterium acnes or P. acnes, the bacteria resident in hair follicles. These bag guys multiply and cause an inflammation referred to as acne. This same condition can trigger red blemishes on the skin.

Research suggests CBD houses essentials that inhibit acne culprits. CBD reduces skin sebum secretion and fights against inflammation.

Unlike your regular skincare prescriptions, CBD manages acne from the root – the Cells that activate the acnes. This gives your skin enough time to heal, reducing dryness and irritations on your skin.

Remember, however, that acne is a product of a natural process. So, you may need some patients during the repair process.

  • Manages Dry Skin

Managing dry skin can be tricky. Too often, dry skin owners are tempted to over-moisturize their skin. This can be bad for your skin, as the excess lotion locks-in oil the skin was meant to secrete.

CBD being an anti-inflammatory compound, may help soothe the skin and significantly reduce breakouts.

CBD is a good match for acned skins, while its calming effects can ease reactive skins and boost their appeal and feel.

CBD can reduce excess sebum (oil secreted by your skin), leaving your skin acne-free.

  • CBD for anti-aging and wrinkles

Being a plant extract, CBD’s antioxidant properties are not surprising. These antioxidants help reduce wrinkles, facial lines, and other aging signs. The compound counteracts damages done by free radicals ad curbs the effect of inflammation.

CBD-infused anti-aging creams clear out ruddy skin tone, skin dullness, and wrinkles.

  • CBD for sensitive skins

Sensitive skins may have something to benefit from CBD applications. CBD is thought to have a highly potent soothing effect on the skin. Its skin-normalizing and skin-calming effect help reduce skin-related issues, particularly for sensitive skins.

With exposure to several environmental factors, CBD’s health-friendly mechanism can help secure your skin from external damages.

How can I use CBD oil for acne?

To use CBD oil for acne, mix with your favorite carrier oil and administer it to the affected skin area. When choosing a carrier oil, check for one that’s suitable for your skin. Common carrier oils include:

  • Chea butter
  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Argan Oil

Oral CBD doses may also help manage acne in certain conditions since the inflammatory properties remain active when dosed orally.

However, CBD oil for skin studies particularly apply the CBD solution to the sebum-generating skin cells. For this, topical applications may give the best results.

That said, there are countless CBD-infused topical skincare products on the market – particularly online shops. However, most of these products come with harsh chemicals that leave users with even more skin-health troubles.

Also, use only products with third-party lab test certification, called Certificate of Analysis, or COA. This test result confirms the ingredients and concentration of CBD products. You can easily match the test result with the claims on the product label.

Among 86 CBD-infused products tested in 217, the result showed that about 26 percent contained less CBD than the labels claimed.

While CBD works, you will only get the promised result from premium CBD products.

Any Side Effects?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said CBD is widely tolerated. However, a handful of CBD users have reported mild negligible effects, including

  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Change in weight and appetite

Also, note that CBD may bind with certain drugs to cause drug-drug interactions.

While these conditions are likely, they are usually dose-dependent. Hence, for best results, begin with a low amount and work your way up to higher doses.

Besides, talk with your doctor before you begin with any CBD dose, particularly if you’re currently on a prescription drug.

How to choose CBD oil for acne and other skin conditions

Currently, the CBD market is poorly regulated. However, these tips will help detect originals from loads of fake on the market.

Quickly, when shopping…

  • Choose products with not more than 0.3 percent CBD concentration. This is the legal benchmark as per the 2018 Farm Bill
  • Get a third-party lab test result. The test must be performed in a laboratory that satisfies the ISO/IEC 17025 regulation
  • Go for US-sourced hemp-based CBD products that pass the tests for microbes, mold, heavy metal, and pesticides.
  • Avoid products on FDA’s warning letters’ list.

You may also choose products based on the product’s potency, customer review, price, and manufacturer and seller’s reputation.

Wrap  UP

Many skin-health freaks spend quite a lot on skincare products, as long as it promises to improve skin texture and appeal.

Sadly, many of these well-packed products contain toxic ingredients that can ruin your skin.

In response, most users are seeking more natural ways to manage their skin. Although the natural options are many on the market, CBD is proudly in a class of its own.

CBD contains several skin-friendly properties that can help manage several health concerns, including acne.

There’s an overwhelming lot of gains from CBD oil for acne – perhaps more than anecdotal and scientific evidence have reported. So, why not consider buying premium CBD oil for your skincare routine?