Treating Non-healing Diabetic Wounds More Effectively with Vitastem Ultra – The Most Innovative Wound Care Treatment in 2023

Treating Non-healing Diabetic Wounds More Effectively with Vitastem Ultra - The Most Innovative Wound Care Treatment in 2023 | HealthSoul

Living with diabetes can be a very serious challenge for many, to say the least. Not only do you (or a loved one) have to worry about keeping your blood sugar levels in check, but you also have to manage a host of other health conditions that come with the disease. One of the most common complications of diabetes is the development of non-healing diabetic ulcers.

These wounds can be extremely painful, debilitating, and even life-threatening if left untreated or not cared for properly. However, with the help of one of (if not) the most effective wound care treatments on the market, Vitastem Ultra, diabetic wounds can be treated and healed more effectively than ever before.

What Causes Non-Healing Wounds?

Non-healing diabetic ulcers are a common complication of diabetes, and they often occur on the feet and legs. The primary cause of non-healing wounds in diabetics is poor circulation. High blood sugar levels can damage the blood vessels, leading to reduced blood flow to the affected area. This reduced blood flow makes it harder for the body to heal the wound.

Why is Vitastem Ultra a More Effective Treatment?

Vitastem Ultra is one of the most effective wound care treatments on the market. It is the only antibiotic that contains both vitamin D3 and vitamin C (ascorbic acid) while using bacitracin as the active ingredient. Vitastem helps infuse damaged skin cells with these vitamins allowing the skin to repair and rejuvenate fast.

These ingredients work together in tune with their proprietary transdermal drug delivery methods to deliver medicine to the site of infection 10x deeper and more effectively in order to promote healing by reducing inflammation, killing bacteria, and stimulating cell growth, while rejuvenating the patient’s skin.

Boasting that 96% of patients with diabetic foot ulcers and similar wounds see improvement within just 2 weeks, Vitastem dwarfs the largest name brand Rx competitor at 50% of patients seeing improvements at 20 weeks.

In addition to this, Vitastem Ultra is the only antibiotic in the world that kills with both a physical and chemical mechanism, giving it a unique ability to defeat drug resistant bacteria, such as staph & MRSA. And, to date, the Vitastem topical antibiotic has saved countless patients from amputations thus reducing their hospital stays and increasing their life expectancy.

This makes it one of the strongest topical antibiotics available, which is crucial for treating diabetic wounds that are often resistant to other treatments.

How is Vitastem Ultra Used for Treatment?

Applying Vitastem Ultra to diabetic wounds is incredibly simple. First, clean the wound with soap and water and pat it dry. Next, you just need to apply a small amount of Vitastem Ultra to the wound and cover it with a sterile bandage. Repeat this process two to three times a day until the wound has healed.

What Are the Benefits of Using Vitastem Ultra?

There are a number of benefits to using Vitastem to treat diabetic wounds. First and foremost, it is incredibly effective, thanks to its potent combination of ingredients and unique chemistry formulations. It is also easy to apply and can be used in the comfort of your own home. Additionally, Vitastem Ultra is safe and natural, making it a great choice for those who are looking for a non-invasive treatment option.

Where Can You Get Vitastem Ultra?

Currently, Vitastem Ultra is available through healthcare providers. It is important to note that it is not covered by insurance yet, but plans to be soon, so you might need to pay out of pocket, but it is worth it. However, the cost is relatively low compared to other wound care treatments, and the benefits of using Vitastem Ultra are well worth the investment into your health care.

If you or a loved one are living with diabetes and struggling with non-healing wounds, Vitastem Ultra may be the solution you have been searching for. This powerful topical antibiotic is incredibly effective, easy to use, and safe and natural. By promoting healing, reducing inflammation, and killing bacteria, Vitastem Ultra can help you get back on your feet and live your life to the fullest. So why wait? Ask your doctor about it today and see the difference it can make for yourself.