Top 5 Tips For Managing Your Mental Health During The Pandemic

5 Tips for Managing your Mental Health during the Pandemic | HealthSoul

The last year has been incredibly tough on all of us. We have seen what is probably one of the worst disasters of our times. Almost all of us have been directly or indirectly affected by the virus. We have seen friends and family members, dying, getting affected, losing jobs, and struggling to avail of medical facilities.

Even after the vaccination rollout, the complex procedure of who will get it and in what order has all resulted in a lot of unnerving moments. There is no doubt that all these troubles and occurrences have taken a severe toll on our mental health.

Opening the television and listening to the news means being bombarded with stories of death and despair. The same goes for newspapers and social media platforms. Everyone is asking for help in some form or the other.

In this article, we look at the top 5 tips that can help you manage your mental health during the pandemic. We speak to Cassandra Chiu, a leading counselor who has been at the forefront of offering teleconsultation to individuals affected by stress, depression, and anxiety.

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List of the Top 5 Tips for Managing your Mental Health during the Pandemic

1. Try to go off Social Media, TV, and Newspapers- 

While being aware of what is happening in the world is a good thing, you need to ensure that it does not affect your mental health. This is why you need to schedule time accordingly. Try to keep yourself engaged in other ways. Do things that you like that do not concern you going online, or switching on the television. Try to cut things that give you stress in the pandemic.

2. Exercise Regularly and Eat Healthily-

Exercising regularly not only has a lot of positive benefits for your body but also for your mind. Exercising helps in releasing hormones that help you feel positive and stay in a happy frame of mind. You should also eat healthily and include a lot of green and leafy vegetables in your diet. Eating healthy will help you get strength from within and keep you fit and strong.

3. Do not be afraid to seek Professional Help-

Small things like talking to medical professionals who are qualified in the field of mental health can help. You do not even have to seek a physical appointment or drive to someone’s clinic. Most of the best therapists or counselors have been allowed by their respective boards to offer teleconsultation services to their patients. You can sit at home and easily discuss your anxieties.

4. Try to Limit Addictive Substances like Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drugs-

All the above substances have been found to negatively impact the human mind. This is because the human mind is trained to acknowledge substances by taking into account what is happening in someone’s immediate vicinity. This means that after smoking up, you are more likely to relate to negative happenings, which in turn can lead to anxiety, depression, and stress.

5. Follow a Daily Routine and make time for Sleep-

One of the first things that mental health professionals ask is- are you getting a good night’s worth of sleep? If you answer in the affirmative, things are not as bad as you might think. This is one reason why experts recommend sticking to a daily routine that keeps you as engaged as possible. You also need to make sure that you are making time out for exercises, resting, and doing enjoyable things.

The Bottom Line

A lot of people say that talking and frequently communicating with your near and dear ones helps a lot. However, every time you might talk to someone, they might pass on some negative news like someone contracting the virus or dying from it. In such situations, it is best to stick to yourself and limit communication. If this helps you there is nothing wrong with limiting yourself from the world.

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