Top 5 Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Top 5 Exercises for Lower Back Pain | HealthSoul

According to Wikipedia, the most regular problems associated with the lower back are muscles, bones, and nerves. The degree of pain can differentiate from an ongoing dull ache to the feeling of stiffness where it moves over into a sudden sharp sensation, the same sensation you feel when you get pinched. This type of pain can last anywhere in the vicinity of 6 weeks (acute pain), 6-12 weeks (sub-chronic pain), or more than two months (chronic pain). Most patients recover from lower back injuries in a few weeks, but in some cases, this condition lasts longer than six weeks. If you are suffering from lower back pain, let’s look at the five best exercises to prevent lower back pain.


First of all, the main reason for lower back pain is lack of exercise. People who are avid gamers or enjoy exercising, they have a lesser chance of contracting lower back pains. These five exercises will reduce your chance of lower back injuries, by focusing on the other parts of your body that assist your lower back.

The first exercise is called partial curls, this exercise focuses on your stomach muscles. Strong stomach muscles massively reduce your chances of injury, because these muscles aid you in maintaining hip alignment, this also increases your strength and increases your stability. The first step is to find a flat surface and lay flat on your back, whilst keeping your knees bent. Secondly, cross your hands and place them on your chest. The next step is to brace your stomach muscles, take a breath as you breathe out, pull your belly button towards your back. After this lift your shoulders slightly off the ground, it’s important to keep your body aligned. Count to three and return to the position you started in. Try to do 10 repetitions, three times.

The second exercise is bridging, this exercise specifically focuses on the buttocks. People who suffer from lower back pain usually don’t train their buttocks enough. Your buttocks act as a stabilizer for your hip joints. Firstly find a flat surface, lay down with your feet flat, hip-width apart. Secondly, place your hands beside your body, this will add stability, now slowly start lifting your buttocks until your whole body is aligned. It’s important to keep your shoulders on the ground. Hold this pose for 10-15 seconds, before returning to the starting position. Do fifteen repetitions, three times, with one minute rests between sets.

The next exercise focuses on your back extensors, back extensors are very important, they support your spine and help you maintain a positive posture, they also allow your back to form an arch. This exercise is called supermans, whilst doing this exercise, and you feel your back pain getting worse, stop, and seek medical attention. First of all, lie on your stomach with your arms out in front of you extended as well as your legs. Next, raise your hands and feet off the ground, until you feel a stretch in your lower back. After that brace your core muscles by lifting your lower stomach off the ground and stretching your hands and feet away from your body. Hold this pose for two seconds and return to the position you started in. Repeat this exercise ten times.

The next exercise focuses on the muscles that run around your waist, they are called transverse abdominis. These muscles help for stabilizing spinal joints they also aid in injury prevention. Most professional sports players make use of this exercise, it’s called the drawing in the maneuver. This exercise is fairly simple, first place your body flat on the ground, keep your legs hip-width apart, whilst keeping your feet flat. Next place your hands on the side of your body. Now take a deep breath, as you breathe out pull your lower stomach towards your back, whilst bracing your lower stomach muscles without moving your hips. Hold this pose for five seconds, and repeat it five times.

The last exercise is called lying lateral leg raises,  this exercise focuses on the hip abductors, which if weak can affect your mobility and balance. This can cause lower back pain. Firstly lie on your side, keep your leg slightly curved on the ground. Secondly, brace your core, and move the leg on top without moving the rest of your body. Hold this pose for two seconds at each side, with interchanging legs, repeat the exercise 10 times in a set of three.

To Conclude

With regard to these exercises, these exercises should only be used as a form of prevention. If you have serious or chronic back pain, you need to seek help from a medical professional. If you are interested in non-surgical help be sure to visit  Amr Hosny, interventional spine specialist, he specializes in healing lower back injuries without any surgical methods!