The UK Guide: CBD Oil & Finding the Best CBD Products in UK

The UK Guide: CBD Oil & Finding the Best CBD Products in UK | HealthSoul

Interest in CBD Oil has skyrocketed over the last several years. The most recent spark of interest started in the 1940s. Researchers have been conducting experiments for the last eighty years. They are hoping to find a multitude of proven benefits that can improve the health of humans.

This latest burst of interest can only encourage more research. CBD oil has risen in relevance to the point that it is a common term. Products have erupted in sales at gas stations and drug stores everywhere.

Though the popularity of CBD oil has grown, most people know little about the product. Check out this comprehensive guide to CBD oil and it’s products. This guide, written with the help of CBD information resource Hypothesis Journal, should be able to answer a few of your questions.

The History of Cannabis

The history of cannabis can be traced back to 2737 B.C. During this time, cannabis was used for medicinal purposes. Chinese Emperor Sheng Nung had his use of cannabis documented. He would often drink cannabis tea. The documented use noted that he believed that the herb aided in memory issues. He also consumed the herb to assist with rheumatism, gout, and malaria.

There was speculation that Queen Victoria used cannabis. She used the herb to treat the symptoms of her menstrual cycle. She utilized the substance to manage the pain associated with menstrual cramps.

The herb was rejected by modern medicine. The lack of evidence supporting the herb’s medicinal benefits led to this rejection. In 1839 William B. O’Shaughnessy released a study. He conducted his study based on the belief that cannabis had therapeutic properties.

His study argued that the use of cannabis provided many benefits, one of which was pain relief. O’Shaughnessy had uncovered proof that there were compounds within the cannabis plant. These compounds are now referred to as cannabinoids.

O’Shaughnessy prompted research to further his discovery. Unfortunately, advancements were not made until 1940. Robert Cahn identified a complete cannabis structure during this time. His structure prompted Roger Adams to try to isolate a cannabinoid. His research was successful. In 1942 he accomplished his task and uncovered the existence of tetrahydrocannabinol. We now refer to this cannabinoid as THC.

Research continued, but the therapeutic effects of cannabis were not recognized until 1978. Since this time there has been an eruption in research. Scientists and researchers are eager to uncover the next great benefit provided by cannabis.

What Exactly is CBD Oil?

There seems to be a lot of confusion about CBD oil. CBD oil is generally used as a health supplement. It is not hemp. It is not marijuana. There are a few key details that separate these three things. Check out the facts below to learn the differences.


The cannabis plant is used for the recreational drug, marijuana. The oil obtained from the plant is also to create CBD products. This plant is believed to have therapeutic and medicinal effects on the users. The majority of CBD products are curated from hemp seed oil, but a few are created from cannabis.

Cannabis is psychoactive. The plant itself can comprise up to seventeen percent THC. A CBD product composed of cannabis must contain less than 1 percent CBD to be legally sold in most regions.

The legality of cannabis is fast-changing. Many doctors are beginning to accept the medicinal effects of the plant. In some regions, they are permitting the products containing cannabis. Some doctors are suggesting its use to treat some illnesses. A few examples are cancer, anxiety, and depression.

Hemp Seed

Hempseed oils have been being sold for a while now. They are often found in skincare items. These items claim that they promote skin beauty and health. Hemp is harvested from a plant in the Cannabis Sativa species.

But, hemp is harvested from a different variety of Cannabis Sativa than marijuana and CBD oil. Hemp seeds contain no THC at all. Hemp plants consist of less than 0.3 percent THC. The oil created from the hemp seed is used in skincare products, cooking, and paint.

The hemp plant is often used in the production of home insulation, clothing, and fuel. These items are made from the stalks of the plant. The hemp plant is also used to gather oil that will later be used in CBD products.


Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a compound found in the cannabis sativa plant. The compound like tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is a cannabinoid. Both of these compounds have been a key player in modern research. Research has shown that these compounds offer therapeutic benefits to animals.

There is a serious lack of human trials. So, many medical professionals are uncertain about the cannabinoids medicinal properties. CBD has sparked the interest of many due to its many similarities with THC. The key difference is that CBD is not psychoactive. It is not likely that a user would receive a ‘high’ after use.

This key difference has been a game-changer in the legality of CBD products. If CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, should it be illegal? This is the question many regions are considering now.


The differences between these things are not complicated at all. Cannabis is the short name for the plant Cannabis sativa. Hemp seeds are harvested from a plant in the cannabis sativa family. This plant is non-psychoactive. Cannabidiol is a compound found in cannabis plants.

These three things are indeed very different. They are completely separate. The terms are not interchangeable. The terms refer to different things altogether. The use of CBD is a highly debated topic. However, CBD is non-addictive and non-psychoactive.

What Products Contain CBD Oil?

The compound cannabidiol, or CBD, can be found in a wide variety of products. These products differ in the way that they are used along with other things. When deciding on the product that is right for you, it is important to understand the pros and cons of each product. You should also understand each product’s use.

CBD oil is found in skincare products, oral sprays, oil drops, e-liquids, capsules, and sweets. These products can be purchased in places such as gas stations and drug stores across many regions.

It is important to note that the amount of CBD you should take depends on a variety of factors. Your age, height, and weight play a large role in specifying the dosage amount. The average adult should not exceed two hundred milligrams per day. The number of times taken will depend on the product being used.


Skincare products consisting of CBD include body oils, lotions, and creams. These products are often showcased as beauty supplements. They promise healthy, beautiful skin. These products are directly applied to the user’s skin and rubbed in.

When rubbed in, these products penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream. This permits you to benefit from the compound without digestion. The following is a list of pros and cons to assist you in deciding whether this product is right for you.


  1. The application of CBD topicals allows the user to target a ‘problem’ area
  2. CBD skincare items allow the user to reap benefits without the taste
  3. CBD topicals provide the greatest benefit to skin health and beauty


  1. The product is diluted with other solutions, this lessens its’ strength
  2. The topical is more effective when used after a shower

CBD Spray

CBD spray is generally an oral spray. The product is typically created by diluting CBD Drops into a thinner consistency. This creates a more tolerable flavor that carries a less potent scent. The spray is easy to use and convenient to carry.

Once ingested, the CBD can begin its journey to the bloodstream. Once there, the user will begin to benefit from the effects. Read the pros and cons below to find out if this is the best CBD product for you.


  1. The spray is less messy than CBD oil drops
  2. The product is convenient to use and carry
  3. It is diluted, producing less flavor than the oil drops
  4. There is a quick period between administering and benefiting from the effects


  1. The strength is less than the oral drops
  2. The spray still carries a strong flavor
  3. Can carry a scent that stays with you for some time


Oil drops are a common type of CBD supplement. The drops are the base for many other CBD products. These oil drops contain up to four hundred cannabinoids. The interaction of these compounds can induce the entourage effect. This effect could provide the most benefit to the user of these products.

The effect caused by CBD is often felt longer with CBD drops and is initiated faster. The oil is dropped underneath the tongue. This enhances its bioavailability. Which means the body absorbs the CBD very quickly.

These drops are best taken before meals. CBD oil drops have a thick consistency that offers a heavy taste. The drops may leave behind a scent. Taking the drops before meals lessen the flavor and scent.


  1. When you buy CBD oil, the effects can last up to eight hours
  2. Effects are felt within thirty minutes to two hours
  3. This product allows easy to manage doses
  4. Can be taken before bed and last throughout the night


  1. The drops are thick and flavorful
  2. The oral drops produce a heavy scent
  3. Administration of the drops can be messy

CBD E-Liquids

Vaporizers and e-liquids are great CBD products to use throughout the day. The products produce an immediate effect. However, the effect does not last nearly as long as the effect caused by the oil drops.

These e-liquids are created similar to the CBD spray. The liquid is created by diluting the CBD drops. Often, flavors are added to the liquid. This makes the vapors a great alternative for someone who dislikes the scent and flavor of CBD drops.


  1. E-liquids are a fast-acting product, effects can be felt almost immediately
  2. They are a great option for daytime use
  3. The liquids can be purchased in a variety of flavors
  4. There is little to no distinct smell


  1. The effects do not last more than two hours
  2. Some people dislike inhaling the vapors


CBD capsules can be purchased or created yourself with oil drops. The capsules provide an excellent administration method. This is because it is easy to measure the amount of the supplement you are taking.

These capsules often provide an immense amount of flavor. For those who dislike the flavor of CBD, the capsules are easy to make yourself. This allows you to decide how much CBD oil to place inside of the capsule.


  1. Capsules allow you to adjust the dosage
  2. The capsules are convenient to carry and take
  3. The capsules offer less flavor than the oil drops


  1. There is still a strong CBD flavor
  2. It can be inconvenient to fill your own capsules


This is the most delicious form of CBD. It is important to monitor how many of these delicious sweets you are eating. It can be easy to take too many of them. Note that the sweets should be placed in a child-safe area. It could be tempting for a child to sneak a treat.

These sweets often carry little to no CBD flavor. This is often preferred. CBD sweets are convenient to carry. These sweets are often created from CBD drops. Gummy bears are especially yummy CBD treats.


  1. The taste is sweet and savory
  2. There is little to no CBD flavor
  3. They are convenient to carry and take
  4. The treats have little to no CBD scent


  1. You must monitor how many you eat
  2. The treats must be placed away from children

What Products Contain Hemp?

As discussed earlier, hemp is harvested from a different variety of cannabis sativa. The plant contains no THC whatsoever. These hemp products are similar to CBD because they consist of a variety of cannabinoids. The most common products containing hemp are teas, powders, and topicals.

Hemp Tea

Hemp tea is curated from the stems, buds, flowers, and leaves of the plant. The ingredients are ground up into a herb-like substance that can be mixed into warm liquids. The most common of these liquids is hemp tea. The herbs could be mixed into any warm substance including water.

Hemp Powder

This powder is created in a way similar to hemp tea. Except the materials are ground into a powder consistency. This powder can be mixed into any fluid, hot or cold. Hemp powder is often sold as a dietary supplement. It is packaged similarly to protein powder.

Hemp Topicals

Similar to CBD skincare products, hemp topicals can be lotions, creams, and body oil. These solutions can be applied directly onto the skin. The products should be rubbed into the skin. These hemp skincare products have been used for a few decades.

Companies boast that hemp products promote beautiful and healthy skin. Many people believe that the products clear up acne and shrink pores. Others insist that the hemp provides their skin with a spectacular glow. There are no known side effects of using hemp products unless an allergy exists.

Questions To ask Before Purchasing CBD Products

It is important to understand what it is that you are purchasing. You should trust the brand. You should also know the ingredients, and read the materials related to testing. You must do these three things. It will ensure that you are purchasing the best possible CBD product available to you. These are the things you should know before purchasing any CBD product.

Ask About The Brand

Who is the manufacturer of the product? Is the brand trustworthy? The product you purchase should be from a brand you can trust. A trustworthy brand will offer you an abundance of information. This information will be related to the product you are purchasing.

A few ways you can investigate the brand is through research. You can also read the bottle and contact the company. The information should be easy to find. A trustworthy manufacturer will make the information easily available to you. Take a look at Nutra CBD, a company selling CBD oil (CBD olie) in the Netherlands, who make all their lab reports accessible to everyone.


A great way to begin your research is by checking out the company’s website. The website should have plenty of information available to you. Some examples would be information regarding the plant, the testing, and the company.

There are plenty of reviews easily available online. These reviews are forthcoming with information. Take advantage of the different review platforms. Take note of what people are saying about the supplement and the brand. In this day and age, it is very easy to search for the best UK CBD, what is important is to choose the ones that are suitable for you.

Ask About The Ingredients

You should be able to find a list of all the ingredients found in the product.  The company should have a laboratory test available that lists these ingredients. The list should include any additives and compounds in the product. Most trustworthy companies include this information on the website.

If the information can not be located on the website, check the product’s label. It is common for ingredients to be listed on the product label. If the information can not be found through research, call the consumer line. Never be afraid to ask questions.

Ask About The Testing

If you check the bottle and the website and can not find test results, you should call the company and ask for them. A great product should be able to show you why it’s great. If they are telling you, without proof, that’s a red flag.

The test results should be available on the website. Do not accept the phrase, ‘lab-tested’ or ‘approved’. It is important that you find the actual results to prove these claims to be true.

The Effects of CBD Oil

We continue to talk about the benefits and effects of CBD oil. I’m sure you are eager to hear the exact effects of CBD oil and why the oil has become so popular. CBD oil is not yet considered a medical supplement, but people are already using it like one. Check out the positive effects of CBD oil below!

Proven Benefits

Research has proven that CBD has an effect on skin health, pain relief, and certain symptoms related to mental health. Though research on the subject began over seventy-five years ago, we still have a long way to go. This list is not comprehensive by any means. As research on the benefits of CBD oil continues, so will the list of benefits.

CBD Oil Improves Skin Health

CBD oil can improve the health of your skin. It can promote softer skin with fewer blemishes. The oil can improve the skin’s elasticity and reduce acne.

CBD Oil Can Assist in Pain Relief

The oil can assist in pain relief. Studies have shown that CBD oil is effective at reducing pain in chemotherapy patients. It also reduces pain related to arthritis and swelling.

CBD Oil Can Relieve Symptoms

It is possible that CBD oil can improve the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Studies are being done to determine whether CBD oil can assist in preventing the spread of certain cancers.

Suggested Benefits

Along with the list of proven benefits, there is a lengthy list of suggested benefits from using CBD oil as a supplement. These benefits are not yet accepted by the medical community. But, research is being conducted to prove that these benefits do derive from CBD supplements.

This list of benefits is always changing. There seems to be new research every day. Each study is uncovering more information about the cannabidiol compound. Through the continuation of scientific research, this list will continually change. For now, these are the suggested benefits of using CBD oil.

Relief for Mental Disorders

It is widely believed that CBD oil can assist in managing depression and anxiety. There are also suggestions that the oil could be used to prevent seizures, regulate the highs and lows of bipolar disorder, and reduce the symptoms of schizophrenia.

Though these benefits are not yet proven, it could be beneficial to utilize CBD oil if these ailments afflict you. There are no major side effects known from using CBD oil. The oil is non-psychoactive and non-addictive.

Improves Bone Health

Some studies suggest that CBD oil could improve bone health. The oil seems to correlate with stronger bones and fewer fractures. With that in mind, along with the oil’s benefit to skin health, it is possible that CBD oil could strengthen hair and nails.

This benefit alone could provide some relief for a variety of diseases. Women, in particular, tend to fall prey to bone frailty as they age. It is possible that CBD oil could prevent this.

Benefits Heart Health

Because CBD oil seems to hold anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it has been suggested that the oil could improve heart health. The benefits of CBD oil on your heart could include regulating high blood pressure and reducing the risk of stroke.

A contributing factor to these benefits is the effect of the oils on stress. CBD oil seems to affect the way that users manage their stress. Resulting in lower stress levels. These, in turn, could reduce blood pressure and the risk of stroke, as stress is a contributing factor to these heart problems.

Treatment For Substance Abuse

The use of CBD seems to correlate with a reduction in stress and depressant activity. These are two major risk factors that affect the likelihood of an addict returning to the use of their chosen substance.

There are studies being conducted to prove that cravings are reduced by the use of CBD products. If successful, the studies could prove that the use of CBD reduces the risk of a relapse.

Preventative Measure For Cancer

Another suggested benefit of using CBD is that it could be a preventative measure used for cancer treatment. In some studies, the use of CBD seems to prevent the spread of certain cancers. The studies also suggest that the use of CBD oil could prevent the growth of tumors.

If these studies prove to be successful, CBD could be a major breakthrough in cancer treatment. There is no cure for cancer, only treatment options.

Can I Get in Trouble For Using CBD Oil

Due to the confusion revolving around CBD oil, many people wonder if they could get in trouble for using the substance. There are no major side effects associated with the use of CBD oil and the use is legal in many regions. It is important to do your own research and stay up to date on your local laws and regulations.

CBD Oil Does Not Get You ‘HIGH’

One of the many benefits of using CBD oil is that there is no ‘high.’ This is a huge factor regarding the legality of CBD oil. CBD is harvested from cannabis plants. The oil contains little to no THC.

THC is the cannabinoid responsible for the psychotic effects of marijuana. CBD contains less than 0.3 percent THC. This is not enough THC to provide the ‘high’ effect.

CBD Oil is Legal

CBD oil is legal in the U.K, as well as other regions. There are a few regulations related to the sale and purchase of CBD oil in the European Union and the U.K. Provided you understand and follow these regulations, there is no legal penalty for using CBD oil.

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The Conditions

There are three major conditions regarding the legality of CBD oil. The conditions are easy to understand and straight forward. This is to prevent any unnecessary confusion.

THC Ratio

The plant that produces the CBD oil, must be less than 0.2 percent THC. In other cases, the CBD product must not have more than one milligram of THC. This rule makes sense considering the minuscule amount of THC plays a large role in the legality of the substance.


Though CBD products are often used as supplements, the product can not promote itself as a medical supplement. There are various regulations pertaining to medical supplements that CBD products do not deal with.

The medical community is hesitant to accept that CBD offers medicinal benefits. This will likely change as research continues to unearth new findings related to CBD.

Controlled Substance Recovery

It is imperative to the legality of the CBD product that the controlled substance is impossible to recover. A controlled substance is often viewed as a health risk. No controlled substance should be able to be extracted from the CBD product. If extraction is possible, the product is considered to be illegal.

CBD oil has been around for ages, but the research has only just begun. We have only discovered the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to learn about cannabidiol. The research looks promising.

The CBD industry will likely face a variety of challenges. Research can help the industry tackle each challenge and overcome the obstacles it faces.

With the extensive research being conducted, it is impossible to guess where the industry will be a decade from now. We can assume that the explosion of interest will promote even more research. This research could lead to the discovery of even more benefits.