Surprising Reasons Why You Should Say Hello To Menstrual Cup

Surprising Reasons Why You Should Say Hello To Menstrual Cup | HealthSoul

There are a lot of changes that you will be experiencing during your menstruation. From the number of your menstrual days, the flow of the blood and pain you feel when your menstruation comes. That is why you have to find a menstrual product that can help you to manage these changes and gives you comfort from these hard days. Know the surprising reasons why the menstrual cup better than tampons.

Use A Cup And Stay Away From BV!

BV or bacterial vaginosis causes vaginal inflammation, and it can lead you to feel discomfort, especially during your period. Usually, this is because of the frequent use of pads and tampons during menstruation. These isolate your vagina and cause moisture which invites bacteria to stay and produce until it is already infecting your vagina.


However, you can avoid this from happening to you if you will use a menstrual cup. Since it is inserted, it allows your vagina to breath and keeps it dry during your period. It only means that no bacteria will stay and your vagina is safe from bacterial vaginosis.

It Is Wallet-Friendly

For women who are on a tight budget, then the menstrual cup is for you. Well, who does not want to save? Using a menstrual cup can save you thousands of dollars from buying pads and tampons every month. Menstrual cups are recyclable up to two to for years. Imagine how much money you can save which you can use for other things you want to buy. Buying a menstrual cup will only cost you around $30-$50, and you can already use it for almost a lifetime.

It Can Save You Time

Women should admit that the most tiring part during the period is when you have to go to the comfort room from time to time just to check if you have leaks or to change your pad. Well, not anymore because if you choose to use a menstrual cup over your pads and tampons, you do not need to change it from time to time. A cup can hold your menstrual blood up to twelve hours a day depending on your flow. Imagine how much time you can save from using a cup.

Boost Your Confidence

During your menstruation, you hardly move your body because your afraid that you might have leaks. A menstrual cup can boost your confidence during your menstruation, and it can hold your blood up to twelve hours a day with no leaks. No matter what you do at school or work, you can always trust your cup. Nothing can stop you from doing your day to day activities, walk, run, and move like you do not have your period.


Are you one of many people who get sick because of the polluted air you breath? Well, have you also realized that you are one of those people who contribute a lot in destroying our ecosystem? Imagine how much of sanitary pads and tampons you throw away every day in a year. Thousands of pads and tampons are causing air and water pollution. Using a menstrual cup can lessen the waste because it is reusable. Once you are done using it, you can wash and keep it for your next period.


There are a lot of surprising things you can do even on your period. You can still run a mile even when you wear a menstrual cup. It will not fall because it is inserted inside your vagina and there are no leaks because it can collect up to twelve hours. You can also swim with no worries that your blood will spread in the water. Do you exercise with a cup inside, it will not cause any discomfort at all when you move. Your menstruation should not stop you from doing what you love.


Every woman has sexual needs, and usually, it occurs during your period maybe because of the imbalanced hormones. However, you can already have sex while using a menstrual cup. Remember that it is not used as a contraceptive though. Be careful in choosing your cup because there are brands that do not recommend their cup when you want to have sex while putting it inside.


Change is constant, and when you don’t change the world will leave you. You might miss the comfortable life that the modern world is offering. As the years go by a lot of changes in work and in society pressure you to do. Therefore you should trust a menstrual product that can supply your menstrual needs. There is no reason that could stop you from moving forward, and life must go even on your menstrual work.

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