Six Natural Remedies To Combat Erectile Dysfunction

Six Natural Remedies To Combat Erectile Dysfunction | HealthSoul

Erectile Dysfunction affects one in five men throughout the course of their lifetimes with many having not sought any form of medical help to combat the issue, however with popular choices such as Sildenafil tablets on the market, many lean on these to combat their issue. But what if this does not have the desired effect? If you find this to be the case, there are a number of natural alternatives on the market that you can try that may be able to help you out which we have listed below!


Breaking up stagnation and increasing blood flow are just a few of the many benefits of acupuncture that can benefit you in everyday life. But this form of ancient Chinese medicine can also be used to combat erectile dysfunction. BY allowing chi to flow through these pathways, the body can then begin healing allowing for the symptoms of erectile dysfunction to diminish over time.

Panax Ginseng Tablets 

If acupuncture appears to be too much of a risk for you then perhaps the Panax Ginseng tablet is more beneficial. Known as the herbal viagra, this stimulates blood flow and allows for an erection to be achieved without the use of any harsh chemicals. This natural root can be purchased on tablet form from a number of retailers such as Holland and Barrett and provides you with results in as little as 8 weeks. This is worth trying for those that are not responding to traditional tablets as this may provide you with the natural boost that you need.


Exercise can also help to combat erectile dysfunction as blood flow is increased and can help t increase the feeling of pleasure during intercourse. Whether this is a pelvic floor exercise or a simple jog every morning, this can help to strengthen the muscles and prevent erectile dysfunction from occurring.

Maintain A Healthy Diet

In addition to the use of exercise to prevent erectile dysfunction, there is also the pressing issue of maintaining a healthy diet. The cleaner the diet is, the more likely you are to gain the vitamins and minerals that are needed to ensure normal bodily function. Whether this is incorporating more protein, vitamins or even more carbohydrates to maintain a healthy weight, this can then help to prevent this issue from occurring.

Why Not Try Watermelon

Watermelon is also the perfect option for treating erectile dysfunction as it is packed full of the amino acid known as citrulline, this amino acid replicating the relaxation and dilation of blood vessels much like viagra making this the perfect natural alternative. Though this may take a large amount of watermelon for it to have the same effect, this can be used alongside a healthy diet and exercise to lessen the effects of erectile dysfunction and increase libido over time.

Sleep Is The Most Important

The final way for you to reduce the effects of erectile dysfunction is to get some sleep. With a healthy sleeping pattern, you can then begin to improve overall mood, lessen the effects of anxiety and depression and improve libido over time. Though it can take time to get yourself into a pattern, this will benefit you in the long term.

Whether you have been suffering from erectile dysfunction regularly or you just have a sudden burst of problem, these natural remedies are the perfect way to ensure that you improve performance as well as confidence over time. Which will you choose?