Natural Body Detox: Why Saunas Are Good for You

With all of the stress we place on our bodies on a daily basis, it’s amazing they work as well as they do. Truly an indicator of how resourceful biology can be, our bodies tell us when they are in good shape and when they are suffering. However, the human body performs a countless number of natural processes in the background that we often never even notice.

Despite this, treating your body right, and giving it a bit of assistance every once in a while, is absolutely necessary. A detox is one example; removing excess impurities from the body can improve performance both mentally and physically.

As such, let’s take a look specifically at why saunas are good for you and how they can help accelerate the detoxification of your body.

Saunas Are Flexible

Before you decide to jump into a sauna, knowing which options are available is crucial. There are two main types of saunas: wet saunas and dry saunas. Wet saunas are often known as “steam rooms”, and utilize both heat and moisture to provide a traditional Scandinavian experience. Dry saunas create a different atmosphere through the use of dry heat, providing a situation in which sweating occurs more rapidly due to evaporation.

If neither of these options seems right for you, there are at-home alternatives you can embrace as well. For instance, sauna suits are growing in popularity and provide comparable partial or full-body effects while working out or going about your life day-to-day. There are even portable at-home sauna kits which you can assemble, use, and then stow away just as easily.

Saunas Promote Mental Well-Being

Just as important as detoxifying the body, detoxifying the mind is something everybody can benefit from occasionally. Studies show that sauna use induces a state of relaxation that helps calm the nervous system and reduces both stress and anxiety. Many people who visit saunas regularly report better sleep the night following the visit, making it worthwhile for many due to this reason alone.

Saunas Remove Toxins

Our bodies are naturally adept at filtering out toxins, thanks to the liver and kidneys. However, years of bad dietary and lifestyle choices can slowly overload the body’s ability to purge all of these impurities as rapidly as they’re being added. The effects of this can be numerous, with some of them potentially deadly.

Saunas offer a unique experience in which the body is forced to purge moisture at higher than usual levels, which can open up clogged pores and give your body a fighting chance. Regular sauna usage has been shown to increase sweating outside of the sauna for a temporary period of time, helping you to remove more unwanted impurities from the body than usual when used regularly.

Saunas Relieve Pain

Anybody suffering from chronic joint pain and/or inflammation will have at least one great reason to visit a sauna: it can reduce your aches and pains. Dry saunas in particular help relax the cardiovascular system, which actually increases blood flow and can reduce pain felt in both muscles and joints. While the improvements in pain aren’t necessarily miraculous, they are relatively consistent across all sauna-goers, making it a worthwhile component of any broader pain management regimen.

Saunas Encourage Weight Loss

Those in search of short-term and immediate weight loss results will be happy to know that saunas can deliver on this front. Given the way that saunas work and the fact that they’re designed to make you sweat, people can eliminate excess water weight in a short amount of time. Anybody who’s looking to shed a few pounds for an upcoming class reunion or date can achieve meaningful results through the use of saunas. However, while some evidence suggests sauna usage can have a slight beneficial impact on metabolism, actual fat burning from the occasional sauna trip shouldn’t be expected.

Saunas can provide an all-around healthy experience that detoxifies the body, but the benefits don’t stop there. The end result is an improved state of well-being both physically and mentally; with these benefits in mind, why not give the sauna experience a try in the near future?