Learn About Physical Therapists: Conditions They Treat and When to see one?

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What is a Physical Therapist?

A physical therapist is a doctor who uses mechanical movements, manual movements, and exercise to help treat patients. Physical therapists use various treatment methods to help their patients deal with pain and even learn to walk or move certain muscles or parts of the body again. They work closely with another medical professional to diagnose and treat patients properly.

How does a doctor become a Physical Therapist?

To become a physical therapist, a person must first complete an accredited undergraduate program. Next, they must attend medical school for at least four years. Then, they must complete a residency program, where they will work under the supervision of an experienced physical therapist and get more training in their field. They must also become licensed and certified. Many physical therapists choose to further their education beyond the minimum requirements.

What types of problems do Physical Therapists treat?

Physical therapists treat many different disorders, injuries, and health problems. They handle diseases and injuries that affect the way the body movies. Typically, those that affect the muscles and bones in the body. They help patients learn to move through the pain or to move in a way that is not painful. They can retrain muscles and help patients learn to use their arms, legs, necks, and back again. Some common types of problems that physical therapists treat include:

What types of diagnostic tests and procedures are performed by Physical Therapists?

A physical therapist needs to be sure that the patient is suffering from an injury or disorder before they start treating them. They want to avoid further injuries and pain, so they often order diagnostic tests to confirm their diagnosis. Some of those tests include:

When to see a Physical Therapist?

Most people are referred to a physical therapist by a primary care doctor. There are several reasons to see a physical therapist. Some of these reasons include:

What are the different types of Physical Therapists?

Physical therapy is its own medical specialty, but some physical therapists do specialize in certain areas or with certain injuries and diseases. For example, someone who treats children is considered a pediatric physical therapist, and someone who treats sports injuries is called a sports therapist. Some physical therapists choose to further their education to specialize in these areas.

How do Physical Therapists treat injuries and Diseases?

Physical therapists use many different treatment methods to help their patients. They often work closely with other doctors to determine the best method of treatment or the best combination of treatments. Some of the most common treatments include: