Is Orthopedic Surgery Hard?

Is Orthopedic Surgery hard | HealthSoul

Orthopedic surgery is one of the most fulfilling surgical specialties, especially if you like to fix things. Although orthopedic surgery does not necessarily save lives, it makes a significant difference in patients’ lives. One of the advantages of this surgical practice is that it delivers immediate, tangible, and positive results.

Orthopedic surgery is one of the medical branches that is constantly evolving due to technological innovation. An orthopedic surgeon is continuously learning new techniques and improving their skills.

However, becoming an experienced orthopedist is not that easy. An orthopedic surgeon career involves a lot of work and constant improvement of surgical skills starting with five long years of residency. A high degree of creativity is also required. For example, one of the most interesting and complex surgeries is rotationplasty, which uses an ankle as a knee joint.

Also, an excellent orthopedic surgeon must have steady hands, good coordination, and visual-spatial acumen. Stamina and strength are also a must.

What Training is Required to Become an Orthopedic Surgeon?

Becoming an orthopedic surgeon is not easy. In the beginning, an aspiring orthopedist will need to graduate from a four year medical school. The next step is to be admitted to an orthopedic surgery residency that lasts at least five years. Moreover, after spending nine years studying and mastering their medical skills, they will also need to do a fellowship focused on a particular type of orthopedic surgery. This adds one or two more years of study.

Long study periods might not sound too intimidating, but it is important to remember that being admitted to an orthopedic surgery residency is not very easy. Although in high demand and very rewarding, orthopedic surgery is a highly competitive medical specialty. Typically, only candidates who rank in the top 10% of their class get admitted following a diligent review of all the applications.

Apart from excellent board scores, candidates must have the right attitude and aptitude for a profession that requires teamwork and manual skills.

What Qualities Does an Orthopedic Surgeon Require?

We have already mentioned several qualities that an excellent orthopedic surgeon must display. However, there is more than mechanical skills and creativity.

A Willingness to Keep Learning

Good physicians are constantly improving their medical skills and are always willing to learn new things. This medical field is under constant development, and a good surgeon should keep up with the progress.


Although orthopedic surgery requires a high dose of creativity and courage, a good surgeon will consider every possible way of treating patients while remaining realistic regarding the outcomes. Some patients might not be suited for complex surgeries, so this aspect should be taken into account.


In many situations, patients are at risk of losing a limb or even life. A complex and challenging orthopedic surgery might be required to help them. An excellent surgeon will not be afraid to tackle difficult interventions to help them.

They Must Be a Team Player

As we already mentioned, orthopedic surgery involves teamwork, and an arrogant or cold personality does not help. Also, patients must be treated equally and as people rather than projects. An excellent orthopedic surgeon always finds a balance between professionalism and compassion.


During orthopedic surgeries, the surgeon is the leader of the medical team. They must be at ease leading the team forward in the operating room or supervising a research project.

Final Thoughts

Similar to other medical specialties, orthopedic surgery requires dedication and strong determination. An orthopedic surgeon holds a tremendous amount of responsibility, often being required to go above and beyond the bare minimum of what is needed. Only then will they be able to deliver excellent patient care.

The orthopedists at Ceda Orthopedic Group recommend contacting board-certified professionals for such situations. Your health is essential, and you shouldn’t risk it. Work only with certified professionals that have good customer feedback.