Important Information to Know Before Going to Turkey for Limb Extension

Important Information to Know Before Going to Turkey for Limb Extension | HealthSoul

What Is the Meaning of Limb Lengthening?

Stretching out the bones in your legs is the current orthopedic procedure known as “limb lengthening surgery” that aims to make you taller. The method functions like organic magic by utilizing the body’s inherent capacity for regeneration to increase bone formation. Through careful manipulation and well-timed fractures, the surgeon stimulates the growth of new bone, resulting in an incredible limb elongation.

Every day, high-tech equipment are used to create a 1mm gap on the tibia or femur of the legs in order to enhance height. One millimeter of bone is added to the length every day as the bone grows longer and fills in these gaps. One centimeter is attained after ten days, and so forth. For example, if your goal is 8 cm, the lengthening procedure will take 80 days to complete, and full recovery will occur after 6 months.

What Methods Are There for Making Limbs Longer?

The two high-tech methods provided by the FixTheHeight team have a similar operational philosophy. However, there are several differences between them, such as the cost, device quality, comfort, scars, and possible lengthening quantity. Let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of the approaches:


The LON (Lengthening Over Nail) Method lengthens the bone by introducing an internally and externally connected fixator into the bone. As the patient is doing the lengthening on their own, using the hybrid fixator is not too difficult. Even though this treatment is less costly than earlier methods, it is somewhat more uncomfortable. Regular exercise and physical rehabilitation are also crucial. Swinging a device around on your legs might not be comfortable. However, it allows the patient to immediately walk.

Precise 2

As part of the Precice 2 Method, an internal fixation procedure, a titanium nail is inserted into the bone. To lengthen, a magnet device is employed. Patients frequently require a wheelchair and a carrier since this therapy keeps them from placing any weight on their legs during the lengthening phase. Physical therapy and regular exercise are crucial components of this approach. The least amount of pain, scarring, and lengthening process are provided by this approach.

Quality of Turkish Healthcare System

Turkey has just been named as one of the world’s best places for limb-lengthening surgeries. Limb Lengthening Turkey is becoming more and more popular, and there are several advantages for patients from outside. Particularly in the recent five to ten years, technical advancements have improved and increased the safety of these procedures. Turkey is one of the most popular nations for lengthening surgery for a number of significant reasons. These considerations start with the rise in the number of hospitals and physicians that offer competent, first-rate healthcare services and follow worldwide standards.

Another important consideration is the patient’s capacity to get in touch with a highly experienced surgeon who has had tremendous success in this field after choosing a lengthening surgery. Sometimes these physicians live in a country whose language you do not understand, or maybe in a country you have never been to.

Why is Turkey a good choice for limb lengthening?

Extensive training and expertise are necessary for Limb Lengthening surgery. Patients opt to have these operations performed outside of their own country for a number of reasons, such as surgical success, hospital and physician quality, accessibility to flights from all over the world, quality and quality, and quality and quality. Transportation convenience, sufficient post-operative care services, other international patients’ contentment, cost, and quality are some of these aspects. The efficiency of physiotherapy clinics in the nation is attributed to several factors such as its rich culinary tradition, climate circumstances, geographic location, and cultural diversity. With all of these treatments available on-site, Turkey is the leading destination for health tourism.

Why should you select FixTheHeight and what does it entail?

FixTheHeight is the brainchild of Hera Healthcare, which has over thirty years of experience and is ranked among the top five health tourism companies in Turkey.

It seeks to assist you in realizing your ambition of growing taller through limb lengthening surgery Turkey with the assistance of medical professionals who are respected, skilled, and have a strong track record of patient satisfaction.

Not only will the business build your plan within your budget, but it will also safeguard your patient rights, keep in touch with you, and provide ongoing support long after you’ve returned to your own country.

In order to facilitate the entire process—from your search for the ideal solution to your safe return to your home—the FixTheHeight team also provides a wide range of services.

Online guidance

If you would like to talk with one of our physicians to obtain a second opinion on your condition or the treatment plan they have developed for you, we may arrange an online call. If needed, FixTheHeight is providing complimentary translation support during this session of Limb Lengthening surgery Turkey.

Program for Treatment and Free Second Opinion

We assign your case to a physician in our network who is board-certified in the specialty you require. Our best doctors will provide you with at least two treatment plans, unless the surgery is really rare.

Aligning with your policy

If the expense of your treatment in Turkey is covered by your insurance, or if it is supported by a governmental or private institution, FixTheHeight handles the process between your insurance company and the Turkish hospital, saving you money.

Getting ready

FixTheHeight helps you through the Limb Lengthening surgery so you may obtain your visa as soon as possible. Turkish documentation is still accepted, which expedites Embassy procedures. FixTheHeight is ready to offer its complimentary service in the event that you require any help booking travel and accommodations.

Collaboration with the Hospital

We coordinate ahead of time with your physician and other hospital staff to ensure that they are all aware of your schedule. We can try our best to reduce the likelihood of unintentional shocks by doing this.


When you are transferring for Limb lengthening surgery Turkey, we handle all transportation costs between the airport, hotel, and hospital, saving you money.

Support /7/24

FixTheHeight provides help in your native tongue seven days a week during your stay. Our patients are welcome to get in touch with us, regardless of whether the subject involves medicine or not.

Promoting patient rights

The FixTheHeight staff works hard to maintain communication channels between you and the local medical experts. FixTheHeight can assist with the process on your behalf if the hospital administration was unable to resolve your complaint.


If you have any questions about your treatment after returning home, please don’t hesitate to contact FixTheHeight. We’ll follow it and support it without reservation.