If Diet Works 70% for Weight Loss, Do You Really Need to Work out?

If diet works 70 for weight loss do you really need to work out scaled | HealthSoul

When we think about losing weight, the first thing that comes to our mind is working out, probably in a gym. Fitness experts are aware that 70% of your weight loss efforts depend on what you eat, and only 30% of this is dependent on physical activity. So, if it is mainly about watching what you eat, why do you even need to work out? Can’t you just maintain a healthy weight-loss diet to reduce weight?

Well, experts say, losing weight does not work like an equation with fixed parameters. There are several variables associated with losing weight that affect the entire result.

Let us understand below why do you need to work out in order to lose weight

1. Working Out Improves Your Stamina:

Fitness is not just about achieving a slim body. It is about strength, stamina, and endurance. Just eating less to lose weight cannot improve your stamina and endurance. That happens only when you add a workout regime to your daily activities. If you are really looking to achieve fitness rather than just losing weight, you should work out.

2. Working Out Motivated You to Eat Healthy:

Dieting is a really boring phase which people start with a lot of enthusiasm and end up failing after a few weeks as it gets monotonous. Instead, if you add a workout routine, you will feel motivated. Working out in a popular gym like Fitness First Dubai, where you will find other fit people, will help you stay motivated and stick to your aim of achieving the fitness goal.

3. Strength Training Aids in Muscle Building:

When you diet, you only reduce the fat content in the body. But that does not mean you are healthy. Your muscle mass cannot increase. This will only happen when you do strength training. Building muscle does not mean you will become muscular. There are many benefits to it. It helps in avoiding injury. Increased muscle improves your metabolism. It gives you endurance which only fat loss cannot. Also, the best part is muscle gain gives your body a sculpted shape that only losing fat cannot.

4. Working Out Promotes Mental Health:

It is a known fact that working out helps to release endorphins, which is the happy hormone. This means it improves your mental health. As you are mentally healthy, your cortisol levels decrease, which is the hormone responsible for weight gain. Hence workout actually helps in faster weight loss.

5. To Sustain the Weight Loss:

Ok, so you reduce what you want and start losing the extra pounds. Can you go on like this forever? People who diet stop eating carbohydrates and sustain on soup and salads, mostly. But the hard reality is you cannot maintain this diet forever, and when you actually start eating a normal diet, you will gain double the weight you lost. Adding a workout to the routine will help improve metabolism; hence you can eat the usual balanced diet meal every day. This means as you go back to a normal routine as you continue working.