How to Improve Your GPA? Use These 8 Apps

How to Improve Your GPA? Use These 8 Apps | HealthSoul

Any student knows what GPA is and why it is significant for their future career and studies. Keeping your score high is essential to earning your degree. Not to mention the financial awards, scholarships, or loans granted to students with high GPAs. Therefore, you must be extra cautious about your general performance during the semester.

One of the best ways to ensure you are doing good is to improve your time management and get additional help with your studies. It is important to find an excellent online essay writing service to help you distribute your homework and always keep up with your deadlines. It is also essential to participate in your class discussions and be active. Once you master the art of being present and doing everything on time, you can count on succeeding with your GPA.

But sometimes you need to use your smartphone to manage your studies. Instead of scrolling your Twitter or TikTok feed, you can use these apps to improve your GPA. How so, you might ask. Here’s a list of apps that can change your life.


Taking notes and writing down your ideas is the best habit for any student. When you develop a routine of putting down your thoughts, you manage to achieve more. SimpleMind helps you organize your ideas and lecture notes. If you feel disorganized with your notes app, SimpleMind is perfect for you.

You can break down complex concepts into diagrams and simplify memorizing and understanding them. Customize the lines, topics, links, and checkboxes to make your study experience even more fun. Add your friends to share notes and contribute to the group projects.


Having a reliable planning and habit-building app is a must for any student. The easy and clean interface is perfect for writing down your plans and sticking to them. Whether you are planning your next winter trip or setting a goal to form new habits, Todoist will help you with it. It is a classic to-do app with a new Habit Tracking feature to simplify your experience of adding something new to your routines.

Todoist allows you to prioritize relevant tasks and focus on your progress with advanced statistical features. Set custom reminders, add notes, and get complete control of your day. You can also include Todoist as a platform for group projects to distribute the workload evenly between you and your group mates.


Evernote is considered to be the number one choice for any student. It is more than just a digital notebook you can carry around without having to switch between different apps. It is a must for staying at the top of your academic performance. You can easily record lectures (if your professor allows recording during class), copy information from web sources, and organize your notes.

With Evernote, you will never lose your notes or miss deadlines. Use tags, pin important notes, leave comments, and share your files with your classmates. It also allows you to set notifications, reminders, and deadlines for your to-do list, which significantly helps with your assignments.


Brainscape is the best app for visual learners of all ages and backgrounds. The app helps you study anything from languages to your exam questions with flashcards. You can find already existing cards or create custom flashcards to learn, repeat, and memorize concepts for your classes. Add images, sounds, and other elements to make your flashcards more memorable.

Brainscape is perfect for students and specialists in all industries. You get to study via desktop and mobile versions and have access to essential features with the free app version. Brainscape also allows you to measure and track your progress and improve on specific topics.


Quizlet is another popular flashcards app to boost your memory and prepare for tests. Quizlet has one of the largest digital flashcard libraries shared by users and teachers for students of all ages. Get ready-made cards or create your flashcards to get ready for your next lecture. You can find any subject and topic on the website and learn more in less time.

The app will help you track your progress and indicate what topics you should revisit to improve your score. The key to success is consistency and your attention. You can master any subject with flashcards’ help if you want to.


Keeping your essay neat and clean of grammar mistakes is essential to get a good grade. You may have the best paper in terms of content, but typos and errors can downgrade the overall score. Whether you are writing for your literature class or preparing a report, you need assistance with your paper. Grammarly will help keep your style consistent, offer you the best synonyms, and check your grammatical structure.

Even if you have a free app version, you can significantly benefit from it. You can also ask your college whether it offers a subscription plan for students or an alternative to assist you with your writing.


Keeping your bibliography neat and correct is another essential aspect necessary to get an A+ for your work. EasyBib helps you to avoid plagiarism and create a proper citation in the needed format. All you need is several minutes of your time and attentiveness to details.


Everyone knows and loves TED Talks. It is the source of inspiration for many people, from students to industry leaders. The app contains all of the most popular and new conference recordings with transcripts and other helpful materials. It is your first choice when you feel stuck or uninspired by other apps or resources.

If you need to get a fresh perspective on something, you should visit the TED library and find the material that will be perfect for your project or essay. It is a much better alternative to mindless Twitter or TikTok scrolling. At least you spend your time with benefits for your studies.

The bottom line

Keeping your GPA score high can be a tough challenge when you have a lot on your plate. Yet, adding these apps can significantly ease your time studying and planning your day. All you need is patience and motivation to achieve your goals.