How to Find the Ideal Smoking Accessory For You?

How to Find the Ideal Smoking Accessory For You?| HealthSoul

There are countless types of smoking accessories to choose from. Some of them make it easier to smoke, while others can enhance the smoking experience altogether. Some examples of such accessories include bongs, bowls, smoke bubblers, nails, rigs, etc.  With so many accessories on the market, you may find it difficult to know which product is best suited for your unique smoking needs.

Whether you prefer to use flower or concentrates, enjoy dabbing or smoking together with friends, this article will help you find the best glass smoking accessories out there in the market.

Do You Prefer Concentrates or Flower?

If you are a concentrate connoisseur, you must select an oil rig style piece to deliver all of the potent rips that concentrates are known for. This type of water pipe utilizes a nail typically made of quartz, titanium, ceramic, or sometimes glass. A rig-style piece connects directly to a water pipe via an “18mm male” joint, which accepts the female section of smoke bubblers or an ash catcher.

For those who prefer buds (flower) over concentrates but still want some dabs here and there, glass bongs are the better choice. Bongs have many advantages over dab rigs. For instance, you can always add ice-cold water to the bong to make the smoke much colder before it is inhaled. Bongs also allow you to add a nail, which can be easily heated with a handheld butane torch lighter.

For those who purchase a glass rig for concentrate use but find themselves wanting the option of flower bowls, you can simply add a male-to-male adapter onto your water pipe, allowing you to connect both types of pieces and smoking accessories.

Are You A Dabber or Bowls Master?

If you’re a fan of dabs, there are two main accessories to choose from; nail and dome. A glass bong offers the best opportunity to bring out the flavor in concentrates. With a domeless glass nail, you can fully appreciate the flavors found within your dabs by dabbing directly on borosilicate glass. However, there may be times when you don’t have access to a torch. If you enjoy smoking a bud more or simply prefer the ease of use, then a dome offers an easy way to dab your concentrates without having to deal with the hassle of using a torch.

Many people prefer glass nails over titanium, quartz, and ceramic because they do not alter the flavors found within their dabs. However, glass nails are more fragile and can break if not used properly. If you’re always on the go, then a dome is an excellent way to dab your dabs without worrying about any accidents. Domes also allow you to save money because they require less concentrate to produce a large dab, helping conserve your product.

Do You Enjoy The Ceremonial Feeling Of Smoking From A Bowl?

There are different types of dry herb bowls available on the market today for smokers who prefer to pack their own bowls and smoke from a pipe. Bowled pipes come in every size imaginable, ranging from “one-hitters” to larger “bongs.” Dry herb bowls are perfect for those who want options when it comes to their smoking experience.

Do You Love To Party?  

If you’re the life of the party and enjoy all types of smoking accessories, then a glass bong with an ash catcher is perfect for you. This feature allows you to add ice to your bong setup, thus filtering and cooling the smoke even further before it reaches the mouthpiece. Not only does the ash catcher ensure that you’re not inhaling any unwanted particles, but it also extends the life of your bong by protecting the piece from accidental breakage; so accidents won’t happen in front of your buddies.

Are You Bored Of Regular Pipes?

Water pipes, commonly known as bongs or smoke bubblers, come in different sizes and shapes with endless variations in percolators for ultimate smoke diffusion and filtration. Unless you’re looking to use bowls, water pipes are the way to go. They cool down smoke and offer a smoking experience that every smoker should at least try once in their lifetime.

Choose the Best Material for Your Smoking Needs

Glass pipes are easily the most popular smoking accessories because they offer a wide variety of benefits. Glass is inert, which means that it does not interact with or alter your smoking session in any way. This makes glass pipes perfect for people who prefer to experience the purest flavors possible and is a great way to ensure there are no unwanted odors and toxins in the smoke. Also, glass is extremely durable and easy to clean compared to metal, making it the go-to material for water pipes.

Other options are ceramic, metal, ceramic glass, and even silicone. There are benefits to each material but remember that the best smoking accessory is the one that enhances your smoking experience based on your specific preferences.

Design Matters Too

Once you have decided on the material, it’s time to figure out what shape and size would be best for you. The sky is the limit when it comes to how creative these pieces can get. Although there are endless options available, here are some styles that tend to stand out the most:

  •          Mini Pipes – perfect for on the go
  •          Sherlock Pipes – perfect for those looking to conserve their product
  •          Beaker Base Bongs – perfect for smokers who love big hits
  •          Straight Tubes – perfect for smokers who prefer smaller hit sizes

Narrowing Down Your Decision

The design and material you choose are entirely up to you. Keep in mind that the goal is to find the best smoking accessory for your specific preferences, not to follow trends or pick something because it looks “cool.” As long as the piece enhances your overall smoking experience, then it will be worth it no matter what shape or size you choose. No matter which material you select, just ensure you buy from a reliable store to ensure the durability of your smoking accessories.

The Perfect Smoking Experience

Choosing the perfect smoking accessory for you is about more than style. Whether it’s a bowl, bubblers or bongs, it is important to focus on getting high-quality products that suit your personal preferences to ensure you have a good experience.