How to Build a Brand for Your Medical Practice

How to Build a Brand for Your Medical Practice | HealthSoul

Many of the choices that we make as customers is a result of effective branding, and selecting medical professionals is no different. Nowadays the internet is typically the first place someone is going to go to learn more about your practice and the professionals within it, and if your online presence is weak compared to your competition, guess where they are going to go? Building a brand for your medical practice is a critical component of your marketing strategy and is not as difficult as you may think.

Branding is so much more than a logo or an ad, branding involves creating a relatability between your practice and your existing and potential patients while defining the core values of your business and the promise of a unique experience. Specifically, within the medical space, people need to be assured that there is an element of trust between themselves and their providers. This can be hard to achieve virtually and bouncing around from doctor to doctor is not at the top of any patients list. Below are some effective strategies for building a brand that helps you grow your practice in a meaningful way.

Be Willing to Spend a Little

Creating a brand from scratch is going to require some cash, and even though you may not think this is a necessary expense the ROI on branding strategies is very favorable. If you do not want to take from your practice, think about if borrowing against your personal finances to cover the cost. Selling your life insurance policy may afford you a lump sum of cash that you can allocate towards this. You can review a guide on everything you need to know about the cash surrender value and the remaining amount you can get in advance of making any permanent decisions.

If using personal finances to fund business ventures does not feel comfortable to you then look to business loans or credit cards to pay for your branding efforts. Be sure that the terms of any borrowed money are suitable for the financial health of your practice and that you are not borrowing too much or too little. If a branding strategy was not a part of your original business plan it is a good idea to first go back to the drawing table and amend what you initially created. Developing a plan ensures that you are giving your best effort towards avoiding potential problems and not missing important steps along the way.

Ask and Answer the Right Questions

This can seem like tough advice to follow since ‘right’ can feel subjective in terms of each individual business. And while that is not entirely untrue there are some common questions within medical practice branding that you should be sure your online presence is answering, because surely your competition has done the same. Some common questions that you will want your branding strategy to answer are:

  • What sets my medical practice apart from other medical facilities?
  • Do I have any specialty?
  • Do I use any specific treatment techniques that result in higher success than others?

Building your individuality and uniqueness into your brand is essential and is the key element potential patients will seek out, and later recognize you for.

Monitor Patient Experience

Whether you have a dedicated online presence or not, your patients are going to take to the web to share their experiences. You are already doing everything you can in person to deliver the best care and earn the best reputation but if you are not monitoring patient experiences then you are not allowing yourself to evolve as their needs evolve and develop your brand to be what speaks to the patients. Your brand image ultimately depends on how your patients feel when they are under your care. Your brand sets their expectations and should match your style of service accordingly. Having a developed brand as a guide can help you improve your concentration levels as a provider by holding you accountable to deliver on the promises made by your brand.

Consistency is Key

When you are in the development stages of building a brand for your medical practice always keep in the front of your mind that you must make good on what that brand promises, on a consistent basis. Patients are going to expect the exact same style of care, perks, and treatment every single time they visit your office, not just on their initial visit. Being consistent and ensuring that all the professionals that work within your practice can uphold the brands promises will not only help you manage a potential bad reputation but grow your practice over time.

In-office consistency is important but that is not the only place you must remain consistent. As you determine which channels you will use to advertise your brand, make sure that the information and aesthetic translates. For example, having one list of services on your practice website that does not match the available services advertised on your social media pages creates a disconnect and can cost you patients who visit one place or the other in search of a specific treatment.