How Much Does Lap Band Surgery Cost? A Comprehensive Guide

How Much Does Lap Band Surgery Cost - A Comprehensive Guide | HealthSoul

Obesity has become an extremely common health condition in the US with more than 40% of people considered obese, and another 10% with severe obesity. These individuals are vulnerable to heart diseases, strokes, Type 2 Diabetes, kidney problems, and joint aches. Unfortunately in some cases, exercise, diet, and lifestyle changes are not enough to bring down the weight to a manageable level.

Surgical intervention stands as one of the most effective options for mass weight reduction. Lap band surgery in particular has become popular in the country because of its advantages. The main concern is the lap band surgery cost. Without insurance coverage, weight-loss surgeries can be absorbently expensive. In this article, we will cover the success rate of lap band surgery, costs, and what the actual procedure entails.

The Success of the Lap Band Surgery

People want to eliminate abnormal fat accumulation from their bodies by undertaking weight-loss surgery. In the last few years, lakhs of people in the USA have undergone lap band surgery that alters the anatomies of the stomach and intestine to facilitate weight loss. Studies reveal that patients lose up to 65% additional weight in the first six months and around 80% of weight in a year. Depending on variable factors, surgeons recommend different weight loss surgeries.

Average Cost of the Surgery

Lap band surgery is expensive, and without insurance, most people will fail to consider it. The average lap band surgery cost ranges from $7500 to $35,000. The total cost of the procedure depends on the type of surgery one opts for. The cost of the surgery is higher due to several elements.

Existing health conditions

When an individual suffers from Type 2 Diabetes, coronary diseases, high blood pressure, kidney issues, joint and muscle pains, and other health complications, the lap band surgery becomes complex. Existing health conditions and diseases make things costlier as insurance policies avoid offering the maximum coverage to such patients.

The tenure of hospital stay

Depending on one’s existing health conditions and the body’s healing mechanism, the hospital stay varies from one patient to the other. Often, there are minor complications, and surgeons recommend longer hospital stays for observations. The longer the hospital stay, the more expensive the weight-loss surgery.

Complexity of the operation

Based on the patient’s current weight, diseases, and health condition, surgeons gauge the complexity of the surgery. When the operation is complex, time-consuming, and demands extra vigilance, the cost of the total surgery increases.

Geographical location

The cost of the surgery also varies from one state to the other in the USA. Survey reveals that lap band surgery on the East Coast is more expensive than on the West Coast. Therefore, depending on the geographical location, the overall expense differs.

Complications during the operation

Though it is a rare occasion, sometimes unforeseen circumstances complicate the surgery. Excessive blood loss is one of the complications reported along with other surgical risks. When such situations come up, surgeons and the entire medical team ensure to eliminate complications and make the surgery a success. During surgical complications, the cost of the operation increases.

Fees of the surgeon

Depending on the geographical location, the fees of the surgeon vary. Furthermore, the experience, reputation, the use of techniques and tools, etc., influence the cost of the surgeons performing the lap band surgery. The fees also depend on whether the surgeon performs the surgery in his private clinic or a hospital.

Inclusion of the types of tools and equipment

Every lap band surgery demands the use of different surgical tools and equipment. Depending on a patient’s existing health condition, and the skills of the surgeon, medical tools are chosen. The more advanced tools, the cost of the surgery increases.

Fees for anesthesia

The cost of anesthesia varies from one patient to the other. The cost varies from a patient to another because of the use of lap band surgery equipment.


Apart from the above-mentioned expenses, a patient has to consider follow-up visits, aftercare medications, nutrition, and psychological consultations. All such components require a hefty amount, making the lap band surgery cost more. If insurance policies didn’t allow policyholders to cover the cost of lap band surgeries, they wouldn’t have been able to consider the option. Lap band surgery is a life-changing medical intervention that can save people from untimely deaths and unnecessary health complications. The insurance coverage makes it easier for people to lead a healthy life.