How Much Do Breast Implants Cost in 2023

How Much Do Breast Implants Cost in 2023 | HealthSoul

Over the past 20 years demand for breast augmentation has increased significantly. This is partly due to fashion trends – among actresses, bloggers and TV presenters large breasts are considered an important attribute of sexuality. Such surgery are also very popular among fitness models, because due to the low percentage of fat in their body the breasts are significantly reduced. Let’s not forget about the growth of surgery to remove the mammary glands for oncological diseases: breast implants in such situations allows a woman to regain confidence in her own attractiveness. But in most cases women are simply not happy with the size or shape of their breasts.

Dissatisfaction with their own appearance often causes psychological complexes in women, self-doubt and even depression. However, modern medicine is able to solve this problem. Experienced specialists will be able to adjust both the shape of the breast and its size. Of course, many women are interested in how much breast enhancement costs. Let’s see how much such surgery can cost and what factors can affect the final amount.

Global Overview of Breast Implant Costs

Let’s turn to statistics to understand how popular breast augmentation is in the plastic surgery segment. In 2022 specialists around the world performed more than 2 million breast augmentation surgeries. At the same time, the total amount of sales in the global implant market tends to 3 billion USD! Based on the dynamics of the increase in the frequency of such operations, experts predict an increase in these rates by about 40% by 2028.

Breast augmentation is a quite expensive procedure, so some women refuse this idea even at the stage of getting acquainted with the prices of implants. However, it should be noted that the cost of implants varies depending not only on their type, but also on the country. So how much are breast implants in 2023? Let’s compare the average cost in different countries of the world (all prices are in euros):

  • USA – 5000;
  • Great Britain – 5000;
  • Turkey – 3000;
  • France – 3500;
  • Germany – 4500;
  • Poland – 3300;
  • Latvia – 2800;
  • Russia – 2700;
  • Canada – 5500;
  • Australia – 8000;
  • South Africa – 3700;
  • Mexico – 2700;
  • Singapore – 14000.

One of the most successful countries in “price-quality” attribuition can be called Turkey. Despite the low prices, Turkish clinics specializing in palstic surgery have proven themselves well all over the world. Average cost of a boob job in Turkey is about 2500-3500 euro. This country now attracts a large number of so-called medical tourists. More detailed information can be found on the official website

Factors affecting the cost

Do not rush to rejoice if you managed to find low-cost implants. This is not the only cost item, so you have to consider many additional factors to understand how much it costs to increase boobs.


Breast enhancement is best done from the second half of autumn to early spring. Why? The answer is simple: it takes several weeks to heal wounds and reduce postoperative swelling. During this period it is necessary to wear special compression underwear, which is much easier to hide under warm outerwear than under a light T-shirt.

This is not the only reason. Many women want to recover from surgery before the start of the beach season. That is why in the cold season plastic surgeons bear the greatest burden, which means that the price also rises. If you decide to contact a specialist in the summer, this will save 1000-2000 euros, since during this period he has much more time in his schedule.

Type of surgery

Modern specialized clinics offer women two ways to increase the breast and improve its shape. The first method involves the use of implants – the total amount of expenses will largely depend on their cost.

The second method is based on the transplantation of adipose tissue, which is taken from the abdomen, thighs or buttocks. It sounds tempting, because excess adipose tissue is removed from one problem area in order to improve another problem area! Another obvious advantage of this method is that your own adipose tissue does not cause a rejection reaction. Let’s add to this one more important aspect: the scars during the transplantation of adipose tissue on the chest will be barely noticeable.

Which method saves the most? If you choose the most expensive models when using implants, then this method will cost about the same amount as the use of adipose tissue. However, when choosing implants costing 1500-2000 euros, this method will cost significantly less. Transplantation of own adipose tissue costs an average of 6000-7000 euros, since the surgeon has to do a double amount of work: first he takes the tissue, and then he performs the transplant. When using implants, you can meet the amount of 3000 euros.

Experience and reputation of a plastic surgeon

Any experienced specialist knows his worth. For this reason the price of his services is usually 30-50% higher compared to the cost of the services of plastic surgeons who have just begun to gain a reputation for themselves. However, it should be remembered that attempts to save on this item of expenditure are always associated with certain health risks.

Type of anesthesia

Most specialists prefer to use general anesthesia, but there is an alternative solution – local anesthesia with intravenous sedation. The second method is less expensive. However, when choosing a method of anesthesia, one should take into account the psychological characteristics of each patient and her tolerance to different types of anesthesia. Therefore, in such cases the decision is made by the doctor.

Surgery duration

On average, breast augmentation surgery takes about 2 hours. Depending on the method chosen, the duration of this procedure may vary. The more time the surgeon spends in the operating room, the higher the cost of the surgery.

Additional expenses

This item of expenditure includes a consultation with a doctor, pain medications to be taken during the recovery period, special postoperative bras, medical supplies and healing gels.

Breakdown of costs by country

As we mentioned earlier, saline implants are the most economical option. Silicone implants are more expensive, especially those that give the breasts the most natural shape. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the table, which shows the average prices for saline and silicone implants in different countries. The price range is quite large – this is due not only to the quality of implants, but also to the prestige of the brand that produces them.

How Much Do Breast Implants Cost in 2023 - Table -2 | HealthSoul


Types of breast implants and their cost

There are several major global brands that offer a wide range of breast implants. When choosing them, you must consider that in addition to an attractive price there is such an important criterion as individual compatibility. In other words, not every implant may be right for you, so your choice must be approved by your doctor. Some brands specialize in the production of only one type of implant (for example, silicone). Let’s see how much are breast implants in 2023.


The products of this company have been leading the breast implant market for over 40 years due to their quality and reliability. However, the price of this brand’s products can be an unpleasant surprise. Saline implants cost an average of 6000 euros, and silicone implants cost 7500 euros.


The German company Polytech has been operating in the breast implant market since 1995 and produces more than 600 product models. The brand’s innovative development is dense silicone implants, which have a soft texture in the back for a better fit and a hard texture in the front for optimal shape. Even with mechanical damage to the implant, the gel does not leak. The price varies in the range of 2500-3500 euros.


Silimed started operations in Brazil in 1978. This brand provides products with both a textured and smooth surface and with a polyurethane coating. According to the majority of patients, the gel used for filling implants makes them tactilely as close as possible to their own tissues. Average price is 1800 euros.


This American brand, formerly known as McGhan, specializes in the manufacture of silicone implants that contain 3 protective layers, a silicone elastomer coating and an additional silicone coating. These implants are reliable and durable, but not natural enough to the touch. The average price is 3000 euros.


The British company Nagor produces implants, which include a highly cohesive gel of varying degrees of softness. The brand’s innovation is that the shape memory gel retains its shape even if the shell is torn. These implants cost approximately 2700 euros.

Additional costs to consider

Boobjob cost is formed taking into account additional costs that you should be aware of. For example, if you decide to have a breast augmentation surgery in Turkey, then you should take into account the cost of the flight, hotel accommodation and transport rental. In some cases the services of an interpreter may also be required. It is advisable to set aside a few hundred euros for unforeseen expenses – in most cases this measure will help to avoid unnecessary difficulties and embarrassing situations.


The average cost of breast enlargement depends on the country, the type of implants and the experience of the plastic surgeon. The price range for breast augmentation surgery around the world is very large – in Eastern Europe the average price is 2800 euros, while in Canada, USA and Singapore the cost of such procedures is about 2-3 times higher. The services of Turkish plastic surgeons are very popular as they do their work very well, while the breast operation cost in Turkey is much lower than in most other countries.