How Do Fat Burners Work? Are They Effective?

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Being fit and healthy has been a trend even before the COVID-19 pandemic existed. Staying fit means having the right weight according to your physical attributes and age. If you’re way heavier than your recommended weight, then you need to lose some fat. If not, you might end up being overweight, which can result in other health issues such as high blood pressure and the like.

This is why it’s vital to stay on the normal weight range by having a healthy lifestyle. However, if you want to lose weight quickly, you might need to try fat burners along with your healthy diet.

Fat burners may come in natural or processed supplements. If you opt for the latter, it’s best to know what’s in the formula for safety purposes. You can check the supplement label or the product’s website, such as, which provides complete formula transparency.

Moreover, you need to be aware of how fat burners work so you’ll know what supplements to take. The following are the most common ways fat burners work in your body:

1. Suppress Appetite

Fat burners can suppress your appetite. This is perfect if you love binge eating that gradually adds up to your weight. If you find it hard to stop yourself eating from time to time, fat burners focused on suppressing appetite is a good option.

Natural appetite suppressants like fenugreek have high fiber content that decreases your cravings. It works by slowing stomach emptying, thereby giving you the feeling of fullness.

Other supplements can even fight sugar cravings. This type of fat burner can decrease the taste of sugar in your mouth. With such, you can lessen your sugar intake as well, preventing a high blood sugar level.

Some supplements even contain compounds that increase your brain’s serotonin level. Having a higher serotonin level can help suppress your appetite. The serotonin will signal fullness to your brain receptors, so you won’t have to feel hungry frequently.

Having the feeling of fullness prevents you from eating more. This means that you’ll have a lower chance of eating fatty or sugary food that easily builds up weight gain.

2. Break Down Lipids

Lipids mean the same thing as fats. With fat burners, lipolysis occurs, which is the process of breaking down lipids. This process not only involves breaking down regular fat, but it’s breaking down stored or excess fat.

If you want to lose weight, it’s healthier to lose excess fat as well since weight loss means losing your water weight or muscle, which isn’t healthy at all. That’s why fat burners work by burning lipids for a healthy way of losing weight.

Unknown to most people, those who have exerted effort in exercising or doing extreme physical activities find it hard to lose weight. It’s because they’re only losing a minimal amount of fat. When they rehydrate or eat carbs, they’ll gain their weight again. This is most especially true when the exercise isn’t regular.

So, if you want to cut your weight the right way, you should target losing your excess fat cells.

Back in ancient times, fat cells play a vital role in survival. The more fat cells you have, the more energy you can store to use as fuel to run away from predators. However, that situation isn’t viable nowadays because most people live in places without predators. That means that if you have more fat cells during these times, you’re more likely to produce unhealthy hormones, which can contribute to diseases like obesity.

To combat this, you need to limit your fat intake while exercising regularly. Maximize fat burning by taking in supplements as they’re meant to break down these excess fat cells.

Some supplements are high in vitamin D, which ensures that your body cells respond and listen to insulin. The insulin helps in burning glucose for energy. This means that the calories you consume won’t end up in your fat cells but will burn immediately.

Also, supplements with omega-3 fatty acids can signal your brain to burn fat while suppressing appetite. They do this by triggering fat-burning in cells by awakening various enzymes.

3. Boost Metabolism

Another way to cut your weight is to increase one’s metabolic rates. Metabolism is responsible for breaking down food into energy used to keep your organs functioning and running well. Depending on your weight, you may need a higher metabolic rate.

Moreover, having a higher metabolic rate means you won’t gain weight easily even if you eat more. On the other hand, a lower metabolic rate means you can gain more weight, especially if you consume more food.

To solve this, you need to increase your metabolic rates by getting enough exercise, sleep, the right nutrition, and weight. If you’re a busy person who’s always on-the-go and doesn’t have a balanced lifestyle, supplements may help you.

You can use fat burners that contain acetyl-L-carnitine, green tea extract, magnesium, iron, and vitamin B to boost your metabolism. These ingredients can help to turn food into energy while others help in transporting oxygen to your body cells. If your body cells have more oxygen, they can burn more fat cells. In addition, they boost your energy production as well.

4. Effectiveness of Fat Burners

Supplements, whether natural or processed, are effective if you follow the right dosage and ways to take them. Especially if you know what your body needs to get the right weight, fat burners can maximize your body’s potential to burn fats, boost metabolism, or suppress appetite. Take a look at this PhenQ review and whenever you know which area your body needs this, then take in fat burners focused on such.

Since fat burners are supplements, you can get the best results if you help yourself as well by eating healthy foods and maintaining the right nutrition your body needs. Also, keep your body hydrated with the right water intake. Lastly, getting enough sleep can also help in the overall effect of your fat burners.


Whether you aim to have a leaner body or lose some weight, fat burners can help. They can suppress your appetite if need be so that you’ll feel full and avoid binge-eating. As its name suggests, fat burners can also help burn your excess fat cells alongside regular exercise. Lastly, supplements can greatly help in increasing your metabolic rate, which is needed to lose weight or burn fat.

Keep in mind that you can get the most out of your fat burners if you have the proper diet, enough sleep, and regular exercise. With all these combined, you can effectively burn excess fats to keep your body healthy and fit.