Heal the Pain: The List of Unnoticeable Habits That Give You a Back Pain

Heal the Pain: The List of Unnoticeable Habits That Give You a Back Pain | HealthSoul

Back pain is one of the reasons you miss going to work. Most people feel some form of pain either in the upper or lower back. Acute back pain is when you suffer for up to six weeks, and chronic back pain is when you feel the pain for up to three months.

Many factors cause back pain, such as age, obesity, no regular physical exercise, doing strenuous tasks at work. Some people also suffer back pain due to cigarette smoking, illnesses, and other psychological conditions, such as depression and anxiety.

Aside from the factors stated above, there are also daily activities that can contribute to this aching sensation that might consequently become excruciating. You might have been doing these things, but you may not notice them. Read on below to check your daily activities you’re unaware of the reasons for your back pain.

When You Drive

Most people use land transportation every day to go to work, to a restaurant, department store, drug store, and sometimes to travel for leisure. Some people also drive vehicles as their jobs. There are taxi drivers, delivery men, bus drivers, and many others.

Driving a moving vehicle is different from sitting on your chair. When the vehicle starts to move, your body uses its strength to keep your balance while you’re on the driver’s seat every time you speed up the car, hit the break, and swerve from left to right.

The resonance frequency of your spine is around 4 – 5 Hz. While you’re inside a moving car, the vibrations your body feels can increase the resonance frequency resulting in high loadings in your spine. For long hours of driving, it could give you postural discomfort and might give you high a chance of low back pain.

When You Sleep 

Sleeping is the best time to refresh your strength and to relieve yourself from the physical stress of the entire day. However, if you suffer from waking up in the morning with uncomfortable back pain, it might be due to improper sleeping positions.

There are many suggested sleeping positions that help avoid the development of body pains. You can sleep on your side with a soft pillow between your knees to correct your spine, pelvis, and hips’ posture. You can also sleep on your back with a pillow under your head to distribute your body weight evenly and have a better spine posture.

Besides sleeping on a comfortable bed, you might have experienced sleeping while leaning your head on your desk. You might also have fallen asleep while watching tv, reclining your back on the sofa in the living room. These sleeping positions will consequently give you back pain.

You might not notice it since you’re used to these daily habits. However, in the long run, these habits might give you long-term health problems by continuously ignoring the effects. You can visit a clinic near your area to help with low back pain Kingwood Tx, or try to look for relevant sites online for more details.

When You’re on Your Chair

Sitting on a chair for a long time significantly contributes to back pain. You might be sitting on your office chair doing tons of paperwork, or on your sofa while watching movies that will surely consume a couple of hours.

Sitting on a chair is a stationary position that puts pressure on your back muscles and spine. Other people also tend to slouch while sitting on the chair for a long time. Consequently, improper sitting position will result in spinal impairments and worse, excruciating back pain.

When you do the House Chores

Household chores are everyday tasks people do at home. If a nanny or a house cleaner is not available, you do the job, such as housecleaning, laundry, ironing, cooking, and other household chores.

Living in a clean house will make you feel happy and positive, but keeping it clean requires your effort and hard work. You need to bend your back while dusting and scrubbing the floor in all parts of the house. You also have to keep standing in the kitchen to prepare food and clean the dishes after the meal.

There are many things to be done to keep your house clean that will give you poor posture for hours that can be hard on your spine resulting in back pain. You stretch your arms, bend your back, and you even lean over something to dust off some dirt that can add stress on your vertebral column that will consequently affect your posture and the way you walk.

When You Read Books

Many people find reading a book fun. It relaxes the mind and refreshes the thoughts. Others read to enrich knowledge, and some do it for fun to kill time. Reading books also helps you relieve stress you’ve gained from work or school. However, reading for long hours while in a reclining or leaning position will give you back pain.

You might feel pain on your back when you put a book on your lap with your head hanging down close to your reading page. Also, lying down on your bed with a pillow under your head, pushing forward to read the book you’re holding is an improper way of reading a book.

These are examples of unhealthy reading positions that you must avoid in the future. You have to start practicing appropriate ways of book reading. Sitting on a chair or lying on your bed will decompress your vertebral column. When you’re reading in these positions, use a pillow to support your neck, mid-back, and lower back to keep your spine in the right shape.

When you do Workout and Play Sports 

Health-conscious people always see to it that they set time to play their favorite sports and do a workout in the fitness gym. Having regular physical exercise burns your extra calories to avoid gaining weight. Also, it makes you mentally and physically healthy.

While playing sports and doing workout give you many health benefits, these are strenuous activities that might give you body pains, including back pain. As you run, jump, bend your back, and stretch your arms and legs, you use your spine to keep the equilibrium of your limbs and torso. That’s why these activities are significant contributors to your back pain.


Back pain might seem like an insignificant health condition. However, if it’s unattended for a long time, it might give you a long-term negative effect physically, emotionally, and socially. Aside from the list discussed above, there are still many things that can cause back pain. Remember, the health condition you’ll have tomorrow is the consequence of what you do today. Keep in mind to follow a lifestyle that will make your spine strong and healthy.