Guide When You Order Contacts Online for Contact Lenses and Solutions

Guide When you oredr Contacts online for contact lenses and Solutions

When you are prescribed to use contact lenses or even if you want to use them for styling purposes, you will want the best product on the market. Not only does this mean long-term use, but it also assures the 40 billion users in the US (read more) a hassle-free experience. Indeed, this mechanical assistive device approved by the FDA has many benefits that go beyond its predecessor, a pair of glasses. One main reason why people tend to have contact lenses is to see better when working at their jobs.

Usually, to get lenses, you need to book an appointment with an eye care specialist, wait in their clinic, then accepting the lenses the professional will give. Usually, those devices can cost a pretty penny because the doctor had bought them from a supplier. But now, in this digital day and age, you do not have to accept their offered contact lens and instead choose a new one yourself—online. This way is cheaper, with a plethora of options for type and color.

Of course, you still need a professional to check your eyes and get the grade, but you do not have to limit yourself in a box your doctor offers you. You can renew your lens prescription over the internet!

Why Buying Them Online Is Better

Scheduling a visit to your doctor for a new pair of contact lenses is not your only option anymore. Sure, you can pay a visit to check your eyes’ health and address any conditions such as dry eyes, sore eyes, blurring eyesight, etc. However, shopping online for your device is not just because it is the norm today—it is better, and here are the reasons why.

It is Convenient for You, The Buyer

Buying online is the new shopping spree, especially when you are living in this digital age, in the middle of a pandemic. Using virtual stores to order best contacts online, lessen your risks, and you never have to step out of your home. It eliminates any risks and inconveniences that come with physically coming to an establishment and buying your contact lenses, such as COVID-19 exposure.

Does not Waste Your Time

With just a few clicks on the computer, you can already book and order to have your contact lenses delivered to your doorstep. What is great about it is the 2–3-day shipping time some stores have, and even a same-day delivery if the store you ordered is near you, locally.

You can even request for a set day where the store can automatically send a pair of contact lenses, so you will not have to spend a lot of time ordering all over again. Plus, this can help you pinpoint a time to discard your old lens to not overuse it. Your product should have an expiry date on its label, therefore, using them way beyond can bring about unwanted side-effects, like itching and burning. These can complicate and worsen over time.

But sometimes, the expiry date might elude your memory. Therefore, scheduling your next contact lenses a week before your expiry date will save you in the long run.

More Savings

Buying online can save you a lot of money, other than time. Compared to buying your lenses from your doctor, you can save 4x more money by purchasing them online. Plus, some shops offer coupons, sales, and discount tickets! Some even offer free shipping if a certain amount is spent. How nifty is that?

More Savings

6 Signs It’s Time to Buy A New Pair Of Contact Lenses (Online, of course!)

  1. When It Has Overstayed Its Welcome

Earlier, we explained that each package containing a pair of contact lenses have expiry dates. These are here for a reason! You should, for your health, change them before or on the date labeled. The expiry date serves as a border to show you when your lens has stopped being safe to use.

  1. When It Irritates Your Eyes

Ideally, it would be best if you did not wait for these lenses to irritate your eyes, but for some rare cases of allergy, switching them at the first sign of itchiness and irritation for no apparent reason is a must. It is not normal to feel a burning sensation when using your product. They should bring you optimal comfort and feel as if they are not even on at all.

  1. When It Reddens Your Eyes

Some eyes do not itch or burn but show a reddish color of the cornea instead. This bloodshot effect is not expected as well, as it can indicate the solution, they were soaked in is either contaminated or you’re experiencing an allergic reaction to it. Both should be avoided at all costs. This can mean two things for your lens itself too. It is either old and has developed wear and tear, or your lenses are not a perfect fit.

  1. When They Turn Your Eyesight Cloudy

Unless your doctor has diagnosed you with a cataract, there is no reason for you to have cloudy eyesight. Contact lens-derived eyesight problems are no exception to this rule. Experiencing this could mean you either have a prescribed product that does not fit your grade, or you have built-up debris or residue in your lenses. Both reasons do not bring good news for you.

These reasons can mean your lens is cheaply made, and you’re feeling the consequences of cutting back from buying quality ones online. You can get rid of them, but it is not recommended to use them as a long-term investment.

  1. When They Move Around Your Eyeballs

Your lens should generally sit in front of your pupil and stay there for the duration of the time of use. If they keep moving about, it can only mean your lenses are ill-fitted and should be replaced immediately. This can lead to eye injury and trauma, which has a chance to affect your eyesight irrevocably.

  1. When They Stop Moisturizing Your Eyes

Having contact lenses means you are placing a foreign body inside your eye. This is not the usual way your body should be functioning, but it does not mean it has to be negative. Having a contact lens should not get in the way of your eyesight but improve and enhance it more.

Therefore, when your lens suppresses the lubrication in your eyes, that can be considered getting in the way of normal bodily function, and it is not supposed to happen. It can mean your lenses are ill-fitted, or they were soaked in a contaminated or non-neutral pH contact solution.

Tips When Before and After You Buy Your Contact Lenses Online

  • Research Your Online Seller’s Reputation Thoroughly

It is already standard practice to stalk someone before accepting their friend request, so it should also be the norm to research your online seller thoroughly online before purchasing from them. One way to do this is to type in their name in the search engine and place the word scam or lousy reputation to know if they are tagged with any scandals.

Another is to ask for preference from friends and family. You can also ask them about the company of your choosing to get more insight and personal testimonies for your purchase.

  • Know That Contact and Glasses Prescriptions Are Different

If you know the grade of your glasses, that does not equate to your contact lens prescription. You will have to go to your eye doctor and get a separate prescription for your lens if you wish to switch from the former to the latter. The main reason for this is the positioning of each of these mechanical assistive devices on your eyes.

Glasses are positioned 1.2cm from your eyes while the lenses are sitting on the surface of your eye.

  • It is Cheaper Online, But Don’t Compromise

Yes, you can buy online and with the store of your choice, but note that the cheaper the contact lenses get, the more doubt you should have in the brand. The FDA themselves have told users to be wary of those that are not a fit for their prescription. They can bring side-effects mentioned above, some of which can bring about complications to your eyes.

  • Shop Around Online

There are thrice more virtual stores than there are physical ones selling contact lenses. You have many choices at your fingertips, so why don’t you utilize them instead of jumping at the first opportunity? This can prove to be a wise move, as while you are shopping around, you might find a better deal with coupons and free shipping.

Prepare for Your Lenses

Prepare your lenses

Before you dive in with contact lenses, you should educate yourself about the tools and proper use. This includes having after-care supplies for your product. You will need a contact solution to wash and soak your lens in—water, whether sterile or tap, which is not acceptable in this case. Nor is a saline solution or any other liquids that are not made for your lens.

It should also be noted that you should thoroughly wash your hands before handling your lenses. In the rub and rinse technique, you will need to rub your lens with clean fingers before rinsing them in your lens and soaking them overnight. You should also avoid swimming, taking a shower, or soaking in the bathtub with your lens in. This is because preventing water from getting in your eyes is a crucial thing to remember.