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Study on Benefits of Guduchi

Guduchi is scientifically known as Tinospora cordifolia, which is a climbing shrub belongs to the Menispermaceae family and usually found at higher altitudes. In Ayurveda and different folk medicinal system, this herb is widely used to treat multiple diseases. Herbal researchers have a great interest in the Guduchi herb due to their medicinal properties. Many research studies are conducted to prove the health benefits of the Guduchi herbal ingredient.

chemicalS present in Guduchi

Whole Guduchi plant and its different plant's parts like stem and root contain many bioactive phytochemicals such as aliphatics, phenolics compounds, steroids, alkaloids, glycosides, polysaccharides, lactones, and diterpenoid, which exert therapeutic benefits. The leaves of Guduchi are rich sources of protein, calcium, and phosphorus.

Phytochemical Present in Guduchi | HealthSoul

What is the Mode of action of BEENFITS OF Guduchi to prevent diseases?

Guduchi herb benefits are due to the different modes of action, which prevent and cure multiple diseases. For example:

  • Guduchi herb benefits immune system

Immunomodulatory property of Guduchi effective to provide a cytotoxic effect on the cancer cell. This herb boosts the phagocytic activity of macrophages, enhances the synthesis of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in body defense mechanism, nitric oxide production enhancement by activating splenocytes and macrophages to provide anti-tumor effects. This herbal extract also activates lymphocytes and down-regulate the pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines production.

  • Guduchi benefits for diabetes

The anti-diabetic effect of Guduchi obtained due to its antioxidant property, as it helps to restore superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, and glutathione antioxidant enzymes activity. This herb inhibits salivary and pancreatic amylase and glucosidase enzyme activity to control post-prandial glucose levels. It also suppresses gluconeogenesis and glycogenolysis.

  • Guduchi promotes proliferation, differentiation, and mineralization of bone-like matrix on osteoblast cells and prevents the reduction of bone density.
  • The Guduchi treatment activates phagocytic activity and provides antimicrobial activity.
  • The antioxidant property of Guduchi also enhances the formation of antioxidant enzymes such as superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase and glutathione in the liver. 
  • Guduchi is effective against HIV, as it reduces eosinophil count, but enhances polymorphonuclear leucocytes, B lymphocytes, and macrophages. Along with this, it enhances hemoglobin percentage.

Different forms of Guduchi & Their Uses | HealthSoul

Different Forms of Guduchi

  • Aqueous extract of Guduchi: This improves cognitive functioning and learning ability.
  • Alcoholic extract of Guduchi: This has potent anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Guduchi Powder benefits: This is an Ayurvedic regimen useful as kidney support supplement and diabetes treatment.
  • Guduchi Tablets benefits: This dosage form is marketed as an herbal supplement for the immunity-boosting effect.

Uses of Guduchi

Guduchi benefits for diabetes

The stem of Guduchi has anti-diabetic potential due to its phytochemicals present in it. Guduchi root extract has higher levels of anti-oxidant property and enzymemitigate oxidative stress and promote insulin secretion and helps to regulate blood glucose level.

Treating Dengue fever

All over globe have fear about Dengue fever, as yet now no specific medicine invented to treat this infectious disease. Aedes mosquito acts as a vector to transmit the disease. The symptom of fever of this disease condition is a serious medical issue. Along with fever, severe headache, body-ache, rashes, low blood pressure, weakness, muscle pain, etc. are common symptoms. A sharp reduction of platelet count is the most significant detection measure of Dengue. Anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effect of this herb is effective to treat Dengue fever and associated symptoms. This herb acts as an immunity booster by increasing the white blood cell count. Scientific research evidence has proven that Guduchi enhances the activity of the macrophage, which effective to fight against the foreign body. Thus, this herbal remedy helps to treat and prevent the recurrence of Dengue.


Unbalanced hepatic functioning is associated with immunosuppression, which often causes jaundice. Guduchi has hepatoprotective and immunomodulatory properties. A research result showed that the inclusion of Guduchi herbal remedy along with standard treatment can able to treat the immunosuppressive condition by improving the phagocytosis and normalize the neutrophils functioning. Thus, this herbal ingredient improves treatment outcomes.

It has been also observed that Guduchi containing products able to prevent drug-induced hepatotoxicity. This herbal ingredient is effective to reduce the increased weight of the liver. Research evidence has proven Guduchi is an effective remedy for infective hepatitis. A human research study showed 500mg Guduchi tablet thrice daily for four weeks can normalize the altered liver functioning and provides symptomatic relief.

Guduchi herb benefits immune system

Scientifically Guduchi is well established immunomodulatory property. Different bioactive phytochemicals present in this herb such as cordifolioside A, syringin, N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone, 11-hydroxymustakone, magnoflorine, N-formylannonain, and tinocordiside jointly provide cytotoxic effects and also exert immunomodulatory property. The Guduchi herb not only improves the phagocytic activity of macrophages but also imparts anti-tumor effect by increasing the production of reactive oxygen species in human neutrophil cells and stimulates splenocytes and macrophages to enhance the synthesis of nitric oxide production.

The research experts also reported that Guduchi influences mitogenicity, cytokine production, and immune effector cells activation to induce immunomodulatory property. In the other hand, the research report also showed the antioxidant property of Guduchi, which reduces oxidative stress and downregulate the pro- and inflammatory cytokines to exert anti-inflammatory effect. The phytochemicals present in this herb act synergistically and provide immunomodulatory property.

Guduchi herb Improve male fertility

This herb increases seminal plasma and enhances antioxidant enzymes functioning and cholesterol concentrations in semen. These effects are able to protect spermatozoa and recover semen quality, which improves male fertility. The Guduchi herb is also used to treat seminal weakness.


In the traditional medicinal system, it has been mentioned that oral intake of Guduchi combination with Piper nigrum is effective to treat leucorrhoea.

Bone health improvement

An animal research study reported that Guduchiextract helps to build up joint cartilage thickness and also generates bone tissues.

Guduchi health benefits for Joints

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder. The characteristic feature of this disease is an inflammatory disease condition associated with tissue damage. Research study findings reported that the anti-inflammatory effect of Guduchi effective to treat arthritis and prevents bone and cartilage damage. These benefits occur by reducing pro-inflammatory cytokines production and release. This herb not only preventive effect against bone damage but also remodeled the bony structure by enhancing the production of chemokines. All these benefits of this herb are promising to treat rheumatism.

Guduchi benefits for skin

In the folk medicinal system, Guduchi is used to treat skin disease. But medical research papers also mentioned that this herb has multiple benefits on skin tissues. Tinospora cardiolipin is an effective measure against skin infections. The anti-leprotic activity of Tinospora cordifoliain has identified. This herb is effective to treat pruritus, skin itching (Kandu) cellulitis (visarpa). Moreover, it is effective to prevent skin cancer, as it inhibits skin carcinogenesis.

Genitourinary conditions

Urinary trouble, gonorrhea, dysuria, chronic cystitis, phosphaturia, and spermatorrhea are common genitourinary conditions that can be treated by Guduchi formulation. In addition, Guduchi acts as a potent immunity booster and herbalists prescribe this herb to treat sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea.

How Guduchi Prevent & Cure Disease | HealthSoul

Guduchi Side effects

Guduchi is usually safe for short term application. However, long term side effects of Guduchi herb are yet now unknown. It is recommended during pregnancy and lactation, Guduchi containing medication should not use, though no specific study conducted to check the adverse effect in such conditions. But this precautionary measure is taken due to avoid any medication-related side effect. Guduchi has immunity-boosting property, therefore patients with auto-immune disorders should not take this medication, as alteration of immune functioning may worsen the condition. Diabetic patients who have taken anti-diabetic medications should consult with their physician before introducing Guduchi in their diet.

Side Effects & Precautionary Measures of Guduchi | HealthSoul


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