Feel and Look Your Best with BBL Laser and Lamprobe Treatment

Feel and Look Your Best with BBL Laser and Lamprobe Treatment | HealthSoul

The mission of Metropolitan Skin Clinic (formerly known as TheMonFrance) is to make you feel and look your best, beginning with beautiful, healthy skin. The Minneapolis anti-aging specialists provide their patients with a secure, comfortable environment where medication meets the artistry of skin therapy, laser treatment, and injectables as a leading skin care clinic with more than 10 years of experience.

They want you to know that you have trustworthy treatment options to fight aging and create a young glow, and they want you to feel comfortable in your own skin. New clients can immediately understand why so many clients enthusiastically appreciate their services once they enter their facility.

They will increase your confidence and subtly amplify your natural beauty while ensuring it never appears overdone with their cutting-edge technology, products, and expertise. You can be confident that they can walk you through your available alternatives for treatment, so you know what to anticipate from what they provide at their facility.

A few skincare options that can improve your appearance and mood are included here.


BBL laser for acne (Broadband Light technology) is an advanced and cutting-edge technology that aids in the improvement of certain skin issues related to aging, sun damage, and other factors. In a BBL Photofacial, your skilled practitioner will warm the outer layers of your skin with light energy. Every treatment is tailored to your type of skin and helps you get the results you want.

What Areas Can be Treated using BBL Laser

  • By focusing on the skin’s pigment, BBL® laser treatment can reduce the appearance of colored birthmarks.
  • Uneven skin tone and dark spots brought on by aging, hormonal changes, sun exposure, healing wounds, and acne can be treated using broad-band light therapy.
  • With the help of BBL, you may end spider veins, which are shattered blood vessels located close to the skin’s surface on your face, arms, and legs.
  • BBL® laser therapy may help if you have rosacea or episodes of facial redness brought on by increased blood flow.
  • Scars, enlarged pores, and acne. This procedure can help your acne and redness clear up, make your pores look smaller, and lessen the visibility of colored scarring.
  • Creased hands. Collagen formation is boosted by BBL® laser therapy, which contributes to the skin’s plumpness. Wrinkles, crepiness, and skin laxity will be diminished by improved fullness and volume. Additionally, it can significantly brighten and eliminate black spots, giving your hands a younger appearance.

Advantages of BBL

One of the fastest and least invasive treatments available, BBL® technology is a safe, effective treatment for numerous skin problems. The sessions are brief; after they are over, you can return to your regular schedule.

  • Here are some other advantages:
  • Suitable outcomes for all ages
  • Non-medical
  • Long-term outcomes
  • restores the color and texture of the skin
  • skin damage is repaired
  • extremely efficient and reliable
  • Works on all body parts, including the neck, face, arms, legs, chest, hands, and feet.
  • Most outcomes are noticeable right away.

Laser Hair Removal Redina

An FDA-approved method of getting rid of unwanted hair is laser hair removal Edina. Your undesirable hair can be removed by laser hair removal specialists with little to no negative effects. Metropolitan Skin Clinic always puts your comfort and safety first, so use the Bare HR laser, Sciton’s most recent innovation.

These lasers are not only known to be safe, and there are also no limitations on therapy locations or skin tones. One of the quickest ways to permanently eliminate unwanted hair from your arms, legs, bikini area, underarms, face, and chest, is to use the Bare HR hair removal laser.

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal

  • It is the first laser that employs extremely brief laser light pulses to treat patients quickly and effectively.
  • Each pulse can reach a temperature that will effectively kill the follicles of hair.
  • Because the surrounding or nearby skin is unaffected, safe and accurate therapy is possible.
  • Patients might benefit from faster and better results.
  • For all skin regions and types, large and small, Bare HR laser is safe and efficient.
  • The laser uses 3 wavelengths to cut through different hair depths and sizes without causing skin damage.
  • Integrated cooling agent

Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Sciton laser hair removal is still a significant money and time saver compared to shaving and waxing, despite occasionally needing a touch-up or spot treatment. Your doctor uses a handheld device to apply pressure to the area of treatment, which is where a beam of laser destroys the follicles of hair.

Even though the Sciton Bare HR has an integrated cooling system, it’s possible that you can experience pinprick-like pain.

Number of Hair Removal Sessions Required

Most patients require at least six to eight sessions to notice effects, and yearly maintenance treatments can guarantee long-lasting results.

Hair Removal Treatment Near me

If you’re tired of shaving or plucking, you might be searching for a “hair removal laser near me” in the Twin Cities. The Metropolitan Skin Clinic in Edina is the only place to go! With today’s technology, undesirable hair can be permanently removed.

Lamprobe Treatment

Skin scars and milia can be effectively treated using lamprobe therapy and other minor skin abnormalities. High radio frequencies are used by the lamprobe, also known as the hyfrecator, to quickly and painlessly enhance the appearance of skin.

High radio frequency emissions from the lamprobe are transformed into heat. Heat causes blood and other fluids to rise to the surface naturally, which lessens the visibility of the abnormalities. Any residual cells are also vaporized by the heat, enabling young cells to replace them and regenerate healthy, radiant skin.

Depending on the size of the scar, the procedure will normally take around 15 and 45 mins, and there won’t be much recovery time.

The answer to your questions concerning potential side effects and what to anticipate following lamprobe treatment is: hardly much! In the treated region, you can have some redness, discomfort, and eventually scabbing. Avoid picking or scratching the scab because doing so may delay healing and may leave a scar.

Lamprobe Treatments Near Me

You can stop looking for “lamprobe near me” if you have skin tags or angiomas that are starting to bother you. At the Metropolitan Skin Clinic, our staff is prepared to assist you in treating these bothersome pimples in no time!


Experts at Metropolitan Skin Clinic understand that each person’s skin is unique, and their skilled staff of Advanced Practice Estheticians and Registered Nurses is dedicated to creating a treatment plan specifically for your needs that will produce stunning results.