Crooked Teeth in Children

Crooked Teeth in Children | HealthSoul

Nowadays, crooked and misaligned teeth are common among children and adults. Crooked and crowded teeth can decrease the confidence of your child. He/she will not be able to smile to hide his/her misaligned teeth. Remember, crooked teeth will affect not only your facial profile but also the functional side of your mouth. With misaligned teeth, your jaws can’t work correctly And you’ll definitely need help from the professional dental clinic in New York NY to resolve this issue.

If you want to maintain a sweet smile of your child, take him/her to a well-trained orthodontist, such as Dr. Bach. Here are some tips that can help you to prevent misaligned and crooked teeth in children.

Thumb sucking Habits in Children

Children often develop a thumb sucking habit as a security and comforting tool. It is a normal habit in children, but thumb sucking can affect their teeth. Sometimes, children stop themselves between 2 and 4 years of ages. Make sure to encourage them to stop before 4 to protect their teeth.

Some children suck their thumb forcefully. It can damage the roof of their mouth and their front teeth. Try to stop them as early as possible by replacing this habit with other activities. Notice the reasons for thumb sucking. A child may suck his/her thumb when he/she is frustrated, tired, bored, or hungry. Sometimes, they start sucking their thumb in a bad mood.

Try to give them replacement of thumb sucking. For instance, if your child sucks his thumb when getting bored, keep him busy with an engaging toy. Frequently visit an orthodontist to get some guidance for this situation.

Healthy Sanitation Habits

Do you want to give a beautiful smile to your child? Start a dental hygiene routine early. Poor dental hygiene is a prominent reason for crooked teeth. Remember, gum disease can affect the dormant adult teeth of your child. Kids with healthy gums always develop straight and healthy teeth.

Teach them how to brush their baby teeth. They should brush daily before developing their adult teeth. Kids love imitating their parents, so let them brush with you in the morning and night. It will help them to develop a proper brushing technique.

Prevent Tooth Loss

Children should not lose their baby teeth early because missing teeth can misalign the remaining teeth. It may cause issues when an adult tooth tries to grow in a limited, empty space. If your kid loses a tooth early because of decay or an accident, make an appointment with an orthodontist. A well-trained doctor can assess the symptoms of disposition or collateral damage in the surrounding teeth.

Crooked Teeth in Adults

Do you sleep on your stomach with your head on a side? You are actually putting pressure on your mouth. This constant, subtle pressure can become the reason of moving teeth. Pressure on your jaw can force your teeth to move out of their actual location. As a result, you will get inward overlapping or crowded teeth.

To avoid continuous movements of teeth, you should change your sleeping position. Try to sleep in different ways to prevent pressure on jaws. If things are more serious, you might want to visit a dentist that specializes in orthodontics to help correct your teeth alignments.

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