Correct Your Posture In 4 Easy Steps!

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Have you been feeling uncomfortable lately? It’s as if no matter how hard you try, no matter how many times you change your sleeping position, you still wake up feeling even more tired than the day before. Well, it’s probably not just because you’re feeling out of it. If it keeps recurring over and over again, there’s definitely an underlying problem – a problem that needs to be resolved before it’s too late.

Before you even come to the most farfetched conclusion, examine your body first. Examine the physical aspect of your body; everything that you can observe. Ask yourself:

Where is the pain coming from?

Can you pinpoint a specific location in your body where the pain is most severe?

How long has it been since you first experienced this type of pain?

If your answer has something to do with your back or spine, then there’s definitely something wrong with your body – most likely, your posture. If your line of work involves a lot of sitting down and slouching, then you most likely have problems with your posture. If you wake up in the morning and your body is sore all over, then that does it – you most definitely have problems with your posture.

Incorrect posture may seem like nothing big. “So I don’t walk and strut like a 6-foot model, so what?” is probably what you’re thinking. But what you do not know is that incorrect posture can lead to more serious health problems. One is osteoporosis. Although the onset of this particular spine problem is believed to start later in a person’s life (read more), recent studies show that younger people can suffer from the disorder as well. This is probably due to the strenuous yet sedentary lifestyle we live now. We may be very busy working but it’s not like we break a sweat from doing so. Most of us work blue collar jobs that involve a lot of sitting in the office and slouching in front of the computer. Truth be told, a mailman has far lesser chances of suffering spinal disorders than office workers and salarymen!

It is alarming, really. It’s tragic to think that if we don’t do anything as early as now, we might retire quite miserably. Instead of touring the world and doing the things you love because you deserve it after years and years of backbreaking work, you end up redridden at home because your back did, in fact, break. Love your body more now. Trust me; you’ll thank your lucky stars in the future.

If you think your posture is far from great right now, then we’ve got a couple of tips on correcting posture and make it better for you. These are pretty simple to follow so the rest is up to you!

1. Do A 5 Minute-Stretch Every Morning

Yes, five minutes is all it takes. When you’ve got a bad back, you can start with small exercises. It’s not going to get better by itself, after all. You really have to do something. Right after you wake up, get on your toes. Put your arms up and stretch. Bend your back and slowly try to reach your feet. Repeat the process over and over again until you feel your muscles stretching out. Stretch up and down and up again. Then, try it from side to side. Circle your hips around ten times and you’re good to go. It’s really just that easy. It’s a simple workout that will go a long way. Spare five minutes for this mini morning workout and feel your body becoming lighter as each day passes. If you’re lucky, the ache in your back will start to fade away in a few days too.

2. Take Short Breaks From Work

If you do a lot of sitting in the office, make it a point to take short breaks. Each hour, you can casually stand up and stretch your back. You can also try walking around for a good two minutes (I’m sure you can find many excuses for this such as “going for a toilet or cigarette break). Sitting for hours can really take a toll on your back – especially because we tend to slouch after sitting for so long. Breaks can help you reboot your body.

3. Consider Using Back Support

There are back support items sold in the market nowadays that are made specifically to aid the back whenever a person has to be seated for prolonged periods of time. Proper posture in sitting can help prevent back pain. As for women, corsets offer great back support and it can help you avoid slouching. Check them out later in online stores.

4. Avoid Sleeping On Springy Beds 

Springy beds may feel very comfy but they’re actually pretty evil. Sleeping on a surface that is not leveled typically causes back pain and a springy bed is an ultimate example of “not leveled.” When you lie down on this seemingly comfy bed, your midsection sinks deeper into the foam since it is where most of your body weight is concentrated. This leaves you in a maligned position while you sleep. Proper posture for sleeping is very important. Choose a firmer bed. Trust me; you’ll have better mornings.